Chapter 1 of Twin Heroes has been released.

This isn't a main series and won't have a fixed release schedule. Also, future chapters will be split up into 3000 character chunks (the average size of a CN novel chapter) since people automatically filter out novels with less than a certain amount of chapters...

Because of work, I no longer have enough time to translate 3 series. I will refund those who pledged funds this month to the best of my ability.

There will be increased chapters for Devil starting next month. Probably 10-12 chapters a week. More details next month. 10 is the base though.

In the interim, I will build up a stockpile of chapter...

AJ Ch. 42

It's been a long time. And I've finally learned how to make an announcement post! Thanks for reading!

This week will be Devil's Evolution Week. All Grand Xia chapters will be replaced with Devil's Evolution and two Devil's Evolution Patreon chapters will be added on the weekends.

Also, this week will have more World Boss chapters than usual so look forward to it!

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Twin Heroes

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