Appraiser's Job Chapter 11: Traveling Clothes, Completed


Two days passed since I undertook my dungeon exploration preparations. I’m truly grateful to the people from the craftsman guilds who’ve been helping me. Today was the last possible day for the traveling clothes I commissioned to be completed before I had to go.


I headed to the sewing guild, having finished my work early than usual in order to be ready for tomorrow.


“Good morning,” I greeted, entering the guild. Ms. Nanna materialized out from the back of the guild carrying a large armful of cloth, her pace unsteady. Is she going to be alright?


Ah, she fell.


The cloth in her arms scattered, falling with her.


She energetically got up and shifted her attention to the disastrous scene on the floor.


“Hahahaha, I’ve gone and done it. This is bad.”


“Are you okay? I’ll help.”


“Ahh, Little Io. I’ve put on such an embarrassing display.”


Ms. Nanna and I gathered the fallen clothes up from off the floor. They were lovely cloths. Being unfamiliar with sewing, I couldn’t imagine how all these would become all sorts of clothes.  


Ms. Nanna stored the gathered clothes in an awaiting basket. “It would have been good if I had used the basket from the start,” Ms. Nanna laughed as she tapped her knee.


“I finished the clothes you ordered. Would you like to see them?”


“Yes, I came just as planned.”


“Understood. Since it’s in the back, would you wait here for me?” she said as she welcomed me into the back of the guild.


Now that I think about it, this is the first time I’ve been in the back of a craftsman’s guild.


The back room was outfitted in the manner of a workshop with all the tools and workbenches a craftsman uses lined up tightly together. It was refreshing to see this sort of crowded room; For the adventurers guild, this space was used as the business room.


Along the wall various sized torso busts were lined up wearing diverse clothing designs. Were these the works of the craftmen here?


Ms. Nanna pointed to the outfit a bust standing in the far back was wearing.


“I’ve have the pleasure of delivering the finished product to you, Mr. Io.”


Glancing at it, it seemed like the robe a sorcerer would wear.


The underlying color was black. The robe seemed to be divided into two parts, the top and the bottom. The base was designed in the pantalon style, taking into account the need for ease of mobility, and the sleeves were a little long. At the most important position a flower, which seemed to have the spirit of a rustling coat of arms, was embroidered in silver thread. This level of quality was definitely that of something worthy of two days of work.


“Since as an appraiser you use appraisal magic to do your job, it’s designed similarly to that of a sorcerer’s.”


Aah, no wonder it had the sense of a wizard’s robe. It wasn’t very gaudy, but doesn’t it seem like something I would wear?


“We collaborated with the leatherworking guild this time. They arranged some shoes to make this into a complete travel set.”


While Ms. Nanna spoke, I saw sitting in front of the torso bust a pair of matching black boots.


The leatherworking guild...Mr. Rowan never said anything about this. Ms. Nanna must have gone to speak with him after my visit.


“I’m quite pleased. It’s been a long time since we’ve done such a good job.”

I probably couldn’t receive that much tailored clothing for free. “Um, the price...?”


However, Ms. Nanna shook her head and said, “I already received the payment from Mr. Hansel Look at him, assisting you in your big moment, he’s is like a mother sending off her son.”


Where the heck did Mr. Hansel raised the money for all this? Did he take it from the guild funds by any chance?...


No, no, no. Certainly not.


Gently taking the robe off the bust, Ms. Nanna said, “I’ll wrap this up for you now.”


“That reminds me, Ms. Nanna, what’s the durability like for these clothes?...”


For me this is more worrisome than the design. Monster encounters in a dungeon aren't necessarily gonna be violent. But there's no meaning in making something that's easy to move in if it can also easily be ripped. Naturally, those situations might not come, but just in case it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.


Ms. Nanna's threw out her chest with gusto and laughed, “Theoretically, you should be fine even if you're caught by a stray goblin talon. Durability is essential for traveling clothes, you know.”


Goblin talons. That troubling conclusion is still too sensitive to talk about.


Clothing made from cloth is still just cloth, isn't it?


Ms. Nanna's stuck a triumphant pose as she personally delivered the robes and boots wrapped neatly in wrapping cloth. Looking up to my face she said, “Give it your best with the dungeon survey!”


Aren't Mr. Larsh and his party the ones needing to give it their all?


I bowed my head and returned Ms. Nanna's smile with my own.


“I’ll work hard to not die.”


T/N: I can’t seem to get anything uploaded when I say I will….don’t judge me. I blame the benadryl.




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