Appraiser's Job Chapter 12: Forming the Party


The sky was clear today. Some would say it was the best weather for adventuring. I’d have to agree with them.


I wore the traveling clothes I had received from Ms. Nanna, at my waist hung the sword sheathed in its personal scabbard.


While I stood waiting at the guild entrance,  the person I was waiting for appeared. Standing like this I felt more than a little bit like an adventurer. Albeit an adventurer that can’t do anything but use appraisal magic.


From inside the guild came Mr. Hansels voice saying, “It’s lovely, isn't it, Little Io? Hold your head up high, you’ve become a fine adventurer now.”


“A fine adventurer….should I plan to change my occupation then? My main job is only that of an appraiser.”


As I had such a casual  exchange with Mr. Hansel, Mr. Larsh’s figure could be seen coming up the street. I saw a man and a woman, both appearing to be about Mr. Larsh’s age, walking behind him. They were probably his party members.


“Good morning, Mr. Io,” greeted Mr. Larsh, holding out his hand to me.


I nodded, shaking his hand firmly. “Good morning. It’s good to see you today.”


“Let me introduce my companions. This Ruka and Lloyd, my party members.”


“Pleasure to meet you.”


“Pleasure is all mine,” I said, shaking both their hands.


Ms. Ruka appeared to be a witch. She had beautiful silver hair and wore an indigo robe. In of hands I could see a mistletoe shaped wand.


Mr. Lloyd was probably a warrior. The imposing man looked dignified in his suit of armor, and on his back he carried a gigantic halberd.


I began to feel a bit overwhelmed.


“Mr. Io, those are some fine priest robes you’ve got there. Did you have them made specifically for today, by chance?”


“Yeah, ahh….I’m a bit embarrassed. I figured I needed to be more or less sufficiently prepared.”


“It’s exciting, isn’t it!”


Someone here seems to already be pretty excited…


Well, I couldn’t carelessly cut corners.


Retrieving my glasses from my pocket, I slipped them on my face. For me, the act of putting on my glasses meant I had flipped the switch that put me into work mode. Although the place I’ll be working in is a dungeon, this is my job as an appraiser. I cannot face this group with a half-hearted attitude. My life depended on it.


“We’ll leave at once then.”


Mr. Larsh entered the adventurer’s guild. He approached the counter and bowed to Mr. Hansel who was stationed there.


“I will be borrowing Mr. Io. As such I will fully take care of him.”


“Be careful. I’m looking forward to hearing stories from your adventure,” Mr. Hansel said as he waved his hand, seeing us off.


Mr. Larsh took a map out from the pouch resting on the back of his waist and opened it so that I could easily read it.


In a place just a short distance away from the city of La Niña, he pointed and said, “This here is the entrance to the dungeon. It’s just an hour walk from the city.”


“This place is extremely close, isn’t it?”


“Yeah it is. Therefore it’s necessary to survey whether or not it's a high risk dungeon,” said Mr. Larsh as he put his hand around the hilt of his sword hanging at his lower back.


“I truly have no idea what could be waiting for us in this unknown place. Focus your minds, then let’s go.”


Ms. Ruka and Mr. Lloyd quietly nodded their heads to those words. In that unusually serious mood, my throat gave a sudden yip.



T/N: FINALLY THE DUNGEON IS HERE. 2 chapters a week makes this slow going.




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