Appraiser's Job Chapter 17: Triumphant Return


The sky was tainted a madder red by the time we returned to La Niña. It seemed we were somehow able to return before twilight had set in. We walked in the direction of the adventurer’s guild amidst all the hustle and bustle of the evening’s streets.


“You’ve finally come. I’ve been waiting.” We heard Mr. Hansel’s voice coming from inside the guild hall as we arrived at the adventurer’s guild.


Are you saying you’re not in the least bit surprised at how quickly we finished our dungeon run?......


“I’ve returned,” I called out to Mr. Hansel, whom was standing at the counter as I walked through the guild entrance.


He was flabbergasted for a second when he saw me, but he returned to his usual demeanor and received me while grinning from ear to ear. “Well look what we have here. Welcome back, Little Io. You’re early.” Coming out from behind the counter, he stared, giving me a good once over. “You’re not injured?” he asked.


“Since Mr. Larsh and company protected me, I’m quite alright.”


“I’m glad.”


Mr. Hansel turned and faced Mr. Larsh and his party as they entered the guild, bowing his head.  “Thanks to you, Little Io was able to safely complete his business. Thank you.”


“No, it is I who should be expressing my gratitude to you for allowing him to help with our survey request. Truly, thank you.” Everyone in Mr. Larsh’s party bowed to Mr. Hansel. It was quite a charming scene.


Well then, my duties as an adventurer ended here, and my job as an appraiser still remained.


I broached the conversation with Mr. Larsh saying, “Mr. Larsh, how are the innards you obtained in the dungeon?”


“Ah, the raw materials we got as dungeon loot? Did we obtain something good?”


Mr. Hansel’s face suddenly brightened as I spoke of the Fresh Meat Innards we obtained back in the dungeon. He let slip his excitement as he listened to my story. “And you came back with something unusual. These so called Fresh Meat Innards are an alchemical medicine you know!”


As one would expect, Mr. Hansel knows about the raw materials you can obtain from a fresh meat slime.


“Since you wouldn’t have obtained a considerable amount, I suspect the alchemy guild will want to get their hands on it. I’m willing to buy it, but it’s up to you. How about it?”


Of course, Mr. Larsh also has the option of processing the medicine himself, if he’s familiar with alchemy, so that he wouldn’t need to sell it. Since he had the loot, it was his choice to make, not the adventurer’s guild’s.


He took the Fresh Meat Innards out from his backpack, and after exchanging nods with Ms. Ruka and Mr. Lloyd, put it on the counter.


“Since we don’t have any use for this, we’ll sell it. May I do so here?”


“Okay.” Mr. Hansel hummed as he returned to the other side of the counter.


Mr. Larsh faced me, extending his right hand. “Mr. Io. It was a pleasure doing the dungeon survey with you. I’m grateful for all your help.”


“I could say the same,” I said to him, squeezing his hand.


There wasn’t much difference in our ages, but despite that, Mr. Larsh’s palm was strangely extra warm. It reminded me of the feeling of my own father’s hands. I suppose they’ll keep on living as they do, protecting ordinary citizens like me as they run around the world.


“If we get another survey request, I’ll call upon you again. Until then, take care.”


“Wha……” A smile flashed across my face for but a moment. For me, I had already gotten my fill of dungeon surveys. Why then, couldn’t I say that.


I laughed to disguise my mixed feelings and released Mr. Larsh’s hand.


“Well then, on to business. One Fresh Meat Innards. Taking into account that there is no damage and it’s perfectly fresh, we’ll go ahead and buy it. The price…..” While listening to Mr. Hansel’s voice, I shifted my attention to the back of the guild.


Aaah, the guild is peaceful today, too.


While staring at the madder red sky, I stretched out my spine.


T/N: Kind of a short chapter, but it’s relaxing. Enjoy your weekend everyone.


T/N: Kind of a short chapter, but it’s relaxing. Enjoy your weekend everyone.



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