Appraiser's Job Chapter 19: Butcher Request




“Good Morning.”


“Morning, Little Sheik.”


Today, too, began with the same carefree morning greeting.


Mr. Sheik approached, scratching his bare chest, the guild counter where I was tidying up. The first thing out of his mouth was, “Io, how did the dungeon from before go? Did you catch any monsters that I can butcher?”


I was concerned that perhaps while I was absent my appraisal duties were suspended. Aside from Mr. Hansel, the guild was also quite well-known.


Shaking my head, I looked back at Mr. Sheik’s face. “Other than slimes, the dungeon didn’t have any monsters that could be butchered...”


“Slimes? Those are so boring to hunt, you know,” Mr. Sheik shrugged.


“There were no materials to collect from them. Ordinary weapons are ineffective. They gather into swarms. I’d like to hold back if I was an adventurer fighting them.” Certainly to a butcher, a monster that lacks bones or fur isn’t a monster worth capturing. Suddenly Mr. Sheik gripped his fist forcefully and declared, “The beast classification should be restricted to only monsters with bones and fur! It feels exhilarating when I get to complete skin such a creature! The feeling of cutting through its flesh!”


“Mr. Sheik, your voice is a bit loud…Outsiders are looking.” Even under normal circumstances, the half-naked Mr. Sheik was attention grabbing.


Aaah, the people walking down the street were already looking in the guild. I felt somewhat sorry for them.


“Is your workshop ready to go? It’s getting to be time to open the guild.”


I glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. Five minutes to nine...the troublesome time where I have to finish up the morning business preparation.


“Oh,” Mr. Sheik said, raising his voice. “I’ll start making the arrangements. See ya later.” He waved goodbye as he left through the door in the back of the guild leading toward his personal workshop.

With it being such a suitable time to head to my own post, I got up to leave as well. “Well then, I’ll be heading to my workshop as well, Mr. Hansel.”


“Got it.”


Having finished cleaning off the top of the counter, it was time to head up to the second floor.


A man, who looked to be an adventurer, dragged a large package behind him as he entered the front door of the guild. “Is this the adventurer’s guild?” Did he catch something like a tiger? The stern-looking man had a deep scar running through his right eye. I couldn’t see what equipment was hidden beneath his overcoat. I spotted a large sword hanging on his back. Perhaps he was a swordsman.


“That’s correct. This is the adventurer’s guild,” Mr. Hansel said, his upper body hanging over the guild counter.


Setting his package down outside the guild, the man continued with the words, “I want to request a butcher.”


“A butcher, is it? Got it. Is the monster you want butchered the one you set down outside?”


The man nodded, going outside. Mr. Hansel came out from behind the counter and followed after him. I too chased after their exitting figures.


What is this….


My mouth hung open at the sight I saw there.


The thing the man took out to be butchered....a gigantic frog monster with its belly inflated strangely.


T/N: 1 of 2 for the day.



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