Appraiser's Job Chapter 20: Man-Eating Frog


Large Toad.


I identified the name of the monster with my appraisal magic.


A Large Toad was just like the name said, a gigantic frog. Having a large appetite for living things, they often attacked the livestock raised by human civilizations. For that reason I often saw the name of the monster being requested to be dispatched by adventurers. Their size differed from individual to individual, but they were generally large to begin with. They’ll even attack humans if they’ve got an empty stomach. Therefore it can be said that they’re a monster to avoid approaching whenever possible.


“That’s a considerably large Large Toad,” Mr. Hansel said, folding his arms as he looked over the monster’s entire body. “It’s worth butchering.”


“I want to request that the contents of its stomach get preferential treatment during the process,” the man said.


Mr. Hansel’s face turned suspicious at the man’s words. “The contents of its stomach?”


“I want to know if this guy ate a human.”


“Hu…..” I stared at the Large Toad at a loss for words.


The stomach’s strange swelling….did it swallow something whole? Surely when its body is that large swallowing a person whole would be easy.


Mr. Hansel’s expression tensed at the man’s words. “It’ll be good to have the stomach drained. Understood. I’ll get our butcher right on it.” He quickly entered the guild and called out in a large voice, “Little Sheik! I’ve got work for you, please come here!”


“A person...was attacked?”


The man slowly shook his head, answering my inquiry. “There’s only the possibility of it. Whether or not this monster swallowed a person, we won’t know until we see inside its stomach.”


“Suppose a person was there a chance they're still alive?”


“......” The man didn’t answer.


Was the chance of survival so low….?

“This guy’s body was already quite huge,” Mr. Sheik said expressing his admiration as he looked up at the Large Toad. He had just come out of his workshop at Mr. Hansel’s call.


Mr. Hansel, with a face that was never serious, said to him, “Mr. Sheik I want you to immediately open its stomach. We want to know what this Large Toad has eaten.”


“Alright. Would you gather some people while I carry this back to my workshop?” Mr. Sheik clapped his hands with a rush as he got fired up. He extended his forearms toward the Large Toad.


Mr. Hansel withdrew into the guild. Probably to gather some manpower.


It felt like something terrible had happened…


I fetched the glasses from my pocket and secured them in front of my eyes as I watched the dragging carcass of the Large Toad pass me by.


T/N: 2 of 2. Have a great weekend, loves. And watch out for killer toads.



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