Appraiser's Job Chapter 22: The Appraiser's Second run as an Adventurer

The aristocratic client had a daughter that was nearing adulthood. That daughter was then preyed upon by a Large Toad, who had appeared in their settlement looking for food. It then escaped to the nearby forest where it was difficult to pursue on foot by the regular townsfolk. As such, the noble set it in his mind to request that an armed adventurer slay the monster.


After listening to his tale, Mr. Hansel crossed his arms and hmmm’d. “I see….and because of that you were looking for the man-eating frog.


“It’d be an easy job if I could distinguish which frog it was that attacked the daughter, but it’s dangerous now that the frog has made the forest its nesting grounds,” the man said, sighing as he looked at the Large Toad still in Mr. Sheik and his crew’s hands.


“It’ll take time to exterminate it. We can’t pursue it leisurely; the chance that the consumed daughter won’t survive is rising.”


“And so there isn’t much leeway in how long you take to complete this quest tasking you to slay the monster.”


Even now, while we listened to his story, the daughter could be slowly digesting within the frog’s stomach. She already couldn’t be rescued scott free, but if there was still a chance of saving her life, we should be hastening our efforts to find her.


“There it is,” Mr. Sheik said, butting into the conversation as he skinned the Large Toad. “If you use Mr. Io’s appraisal magic, won’t you be able to determine which is the man-eater?”






The surrounding eyes instantly concentrated on me. I blinked and pointed to my face without thinking.


No, no. Wait a moment.


In other words, I’d have to go into the forest to appraise the Large Toad.


It’s dangerous you know! I could be eaten.


The man made a face in understand and turned to face me. “Would you help me?”




“It’s like running a dungeon. Investigating the forest will be easy.”


Mr. Sheik. Where in the world did the basis for that come from? Sure, I ran a dungeon, but I was only able to do it because there were people there protecting me. I personally am just an ordinary appraiser with no combat ability, right?


“Mr. Io, would you please help me?”


I was at a loss for words, when Mr. Hansel delivered the coup de grace. “If you hear that a life is at stake, we as the adventurer guild cannot let it go. I’ll give you a special bonus, so please do this for me and go.”


Can’t you stop that talk of enticing a person with money. That’s not how you talk to a person like me who’s completely weak to the prospects of money.




I reluctantly nodded, assenting to go.


These circumstances, I couldn’t not agree.


It can’t be helped that it’s gotten to this, but could you at least give me the time to prepare? When you ask it like that, I’ll readily agree.


Still, being willing to go back outside the city under these circumstances doesn’t mean I have nerves of steel.


….For those clothes that I never thought I’d wear again, the chance came calling to don them for a second time..


Life. I really don’t understand what it is that wakes me up in the morning.


“I’ll wait here. Let me know when you’ve made your preparations.”


“......Understood.” I left the guild in order to make my preparation to depart.


I still have to retrieve the sword being held by the  blacksmith’s guild once I finish changing into the traveling clothes I left back at home. When in the world did I become an appraiser who’s secondary occupation is being an adventurer?....


T/N: Took a bit longer than I wanted, but here it is as promised. Expect chapter 23 late Friday or early Saturday.


Cannibalistic is being changed to man-eater. Will get the previous chapters updated by the end of the week.



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