Appraiser's Job Chapter 24: VS the Large Toad



The Large Toads that had been so loud suddenly stopped their cries.


Mr. Ashley brandished his sword and closed in on his target. The sword flashed. He unleashed a strike, cutting deeply into the Large Toad’s throat.


It sunk below the water with a large splash.


The surrounding Large Toads were enraged seeing this, and they attacked simultaneously, flooding Mr. Ashley. Mouths open and tongues out, they attempted to restrain his arms and legs.


Mr. Ashley feinted, swinging his sword, and the tongues that came up to wrap around him were sent flying off relentlessly.


I stood behind Mr. Ashley with my sword held out in front of me. The tongues were sent slanting down to Mr. Ashley’s right, just barely skimming past the side of my face. My body began to stiffen as I stared in amazement at the first act of aggression towards me.


While I was in the dungeon with Mr. Larsh’s party, monster attacks never came my way with them standing in front. Was this the feeling adventurers normally experienced?


It’s extremely unlikely that I’ll ever become an adventurer after this. The feeling of dread bubbled up from the bottom of my stomach, and I shuddered.




“Stand back. You won’t be able to help in the event that something happens,” Mr. Ashley said calmly as he cut down one Large Toad.


It’s no use even if you say that; scary things are scary, after all.


“Even if you’re caught, you’re not going to be swallowed right away. As long as you don’t panic, you’ll be fine.” A tongue stretched out and caught his left arm, but with a strong tug from his sword, Mr. Ashley cut it off. He struck a blow to its abdomen as the tongue he cut of ceased to move.


Naturally its blood spread everywhere, but suddenly its body floated to the surface face up.


“It’s useless when there’s so many.” Mr. Ashley hoisted his sword high above his head as he cut them down one by one.


Turning his sword, his movements whirled round and round in a steady stream, he unleashed one grand strike in a horizontal line. The resulting shockwave launched the surrounding Large Toads into the air all at once. The wind rolled up, causing Mr. Ashley’s overcoat to flutter greatly.


“Leave!” Is this what it means to sense danger?


One by one the Large Toads in the distance disappeared beneath the surface of the spring separated from the forest. Nevertheless, the number of Large Toads surrounding us was still great.


[Water Wave!] Mr. Ashley released his magic. His magic heaved the water beneath our feet up and caused a gigantic wave to form before our eyes, washing away the Large Toads.


One leapt at him, releasing a threatening croak. Mr. Ashley thrust forward with his sword, slaying it. The Large Toad’s large body hit the water’s surface like a defenseless baby.


Mr. Ashley ran. He thrust his sword into the throat of a Large Toad whose mouth was open wide and cut down vertically through its torso, the intestines rapidly flowing out. The Large Toad’s stubborn body toppled over and did not move.


The stench of the dark blood mixed with the scent of the forest and water.


Finally sensing Mr. Ashley’s threat, one Large Toad that still sat safely separated from the spring now ran away.


I wish more could have chosen to flee like that earlier.


It would be rather absurd to say that a frog’s brain, even if it’s that of a monsters, was able to think that way.


It took a long time for the Large Toad to completely escape.


As I finally released the tension in my body, I settled down into a seating position holding my sword. My butt froze as it sunk into the water.


“Are they finally gone?...”


Mr. Ashley shifted his attention to the forest the Large Toad had escaped into and took a short breath. He returned to the spot where the first Large Toad was slain—the one my appraisal magic had determined to be the man-eater. He grabbed a foreleg and roughly flipped it over to verify the current state of its abdomen.


“There’s no time. Let’s hurry back to La Niña to have it butchered.”


“Can we not open the stomach here?”


“There’s the possibility of damaging what’s inside.” Certainly, Mr. Ashley’s sword would unfortunately sunder anything inside. Having said that, if it was my sword, there’s the possibility that it couldn’t handle the load and cause it to break. Wouldn’t it then have been better to travel with Mr. Sheik rather than with me?


“Let’s head back.”


Mr. Ashley returned his sword to the scabbard on his back. He retrieved the long rope hugging his body and began tying it to the Large Toad.


It’d be convenient if we had some compression magic right about now.


I slowly got to my feet and approached Mr. Ashley should I need to help set the rope.


Compression magic is literally magic that compresses the body. A compressed object can be returned to its large state at any time, and it’s useful for when one has to move large loads. In society there exists bags that can do the same thing, but of course, not just anyone can carry one of those. But I imagine it’d be convenient to have one.


The two of us cooperated in tying the Large Toad up, making it easier to move. I was truly pleased that the job was finished faster than I thought it would be.


T/N: Sorry for being MIA for over a week now. Early last week an immediate member of my family passed away, and I’ve been dealing with that.


Expect the next chapter sometime Saturday.



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