Appraiser's Job Chapter 25: Special Bonus

“I’m back. We’ve returned.”


“Welcome home, Little Io.” Mr. Hansel received our tense faces as we returned, noticing the Large Toad we hurriedly dragged in behind us. “That must be the problem child.”


He told us to wait as he began to make the preparations so that we could get everything inside for the butchering to start. As one would expect of Mr. Hansel. The work was done quickly.


Summoned from his workshop, Mr. Sheik took custody of the Large Toad, and Mr. Ashley and I finally entered the adventurer’s guild.


“What was the forest like?” Mr. Hansel inquired, returning to his original position.


Exchanging a glance with Mr. Ashley, I replied, “Full of frogs.”


“I wonder if it’s breeding season already….how unpleasant, it must have been annoying,” sighed Mr. Hansel. “I wonder if an extermination request will come out.”


“That would be good,” Mr. Ashley nodded.


“The future isn’t limited to how things happened this time around.”


“Understood. I’ll put out an extermination request after this.” Mr. Hansel hastily wrote something on a memo pad and stuck it on the counter.


Looking at our faces once more he said, “Truly, thank you for your hard work. Especially Little Io, thank you for listening to my absurd request.”


“I also want to express my gratitude. Thanks to you we were able to finish without any unnecessary fights. Thank you.” The two bowed their heads.


I awkwardly waved back. “No, that sort of thing…” I had just stood there shaking behind Mr. Ashley’s back. My sword hanging there like a useless decoration.


“As promised, I’ll get you a special bonus. Please look forward to it.”


I smiled back at Mr. Hansel’s own smiling face as I laughed, scratching the side of my temple. Is it okay to just accept a bonus like this?


Let’s just say that it is...It’d be strange to refuse it in this situation.


The bonus. An unexpected source of extra income.


Guess I’ll splurge a little on tonight’s dinner.


“Master, the butchering is finished. Is now okay?” The door leading behind the counter opened and out peeped Mr. Sheik’s head clad in the stench of fresh meat. Our gazes instantly focused on him.


“Is the daughter that was eaten safe?”


To Mr. Hansel’s inquiry, Mr. Sheik’s face became stained with the color of embarrassment


I think there wasn’t enough time after she was eaten...Mr. Hansel.


Mr. Sheik took a fleeting glance around him, and seeing Mr. Ashley, continued his story. “Can the adventurer there come help me? Since I took the contents out of the monster’s stomach…”




“’s fine either way if you do or don’t come.”


“What is this? It’s not like I’m unrelated to this matter.”


“You, are you happy about all this? Whatever.” Saying only this, Mr. Sheik headed back through the door.


“Both of you, come this way around the counter,” Mr. Hansel said the words Mr. Sheik forgot to say as they passed through the door after him. Here was the employee entrance that everyday adventurers were forbidden from using, but it wasn’t a problem for Mr. Ashley to use it since Mr. Hansel gave him permission.


“This way please.” I moved to the opposite side of the counter and opened the door wide for him.


T/N: This chapter was kinda disappointing. I wanted more answers….



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