Appraiser's Job Chapter 26: The Rescue

The rescued daughter was sprawled out on the floor laid overtop a cloth. If I hadn’t heard the situation in advance, I’d doubt if that was really a girl under all that...


The damage to her flesh was intensified to that extent. She wasn’t wearing any clothes. Having been submerged in the gastric acid for such a long time, the skin had started to melt. The length of her body was covered with stiff-like burn scars. The scars of her skin melting.


The damage was particularly awful to her face. While I couldn’t know what the original shape of her face was, her current face had become sloppy. Her hair had completely dissolved, and her nose and eyelids had become warped. They could no longer be completely shut, and in the space behind her half-open lips, teeth poked out. I couldn’t understand how she was able to breath as I stood there. I felt as though I was looking at a decomposed corpse.


I stealthily sent my appraisal magic out to the girl.


It seemed she was alive…despite her current condition.


With magic being able to only save her life, I wonder if she’s still really a woman. Seeing how much her form had completely changed.


“Perhaps if we washed her in a bathtub and scrubbed her gently it’d be okay,” said Mr. Sheik, folding his arms.


“After that we can get her some medical treatment. Perhaps someone from the alchemy guild?”


“Just as well....” Mr. Hansel frowned at the daughters current condition while standing near Mr. Arnel. He left briefly, presumably to call on someone from the alchemy guild.


As the daughter was now clad in the cloth, I could no longer see her skin. Turning, I faced Mr. Ashley, “You’ll be reporting to your client, right? Will you need to leave right away?”


“That’s the plan,” Mr. Ashley nodded.


“Regardless of her form, you can’t change the fact that you rescued her.”


“Then, can you go and report only the previous information? Since we’re calling on the alchemy guild, we can take the time to get her some medical treatment.”


Alchemy guilds have various treatments that can cure injuries. It can’t be said that you’ll make a full recovery if you use an alchemic cure, but some treatment is still better than none!


“The adventurer’s guild will handle the cost of the medicine. Please don’t worry about the doctor’s fees.”


“Understood. I’ll go make my report alone.” Mr. Ashley turned on his heels and left. Without delay, he headed make his report to his client.


With a wave of his overcoat, he was out the guild leaving us with the view of his back until he was out of site. I asked Mr. Hansel, “What should I do?”


“Little Io…” Mr. Hansel looked at me. “It’s bad but, could you watch the counter for a little while? I’ll need to take care of this person here.”


“I understand.” I may have changed my clothes, but the situation is what it is, and it can’t be helped.[1]


Turning back to the employee entrance, I returned to the guild counter. Even if...I stand at the counter like this, what should I do? I understood how to do the work of mediating on behalf of our fellow adventurers and handling the trade business after watching Mr. Hansel doing it every day. But when it comes to making a purchasing assessment, is it fine to just determine the value arbitrarily?


“Excuse me, could I sell this here?”


As soon as I thought of it, a request came in. My thoughts couldn’t have caused it to happen….


Looks like I’ll have to do it at my own discretion.


“Yes. What would you like to sell?” I pushed my slanted glasses back into place and released the best business smile I could muster.

It looks like today’s going to be busy——




[1] This line was kind of confusing. Think of it that Io may have changed into his adventuring clothes, but he was still an appraiser for the guild. So when the situation changed, he’s still expected to handle the business rather than the action.


T/N: Another late chapter. :( Second chapter for the week should be out sometime on the weekend. Hopefully you guys aren’t bothered by the more graphic imagery.



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