Appraiser's Job Chapter 27: Delivery from the Alchemy Guild



Fifteen hours had passed since the events from yesterday. The figure of a white robed youth came into view, carrying a wooden crate filled with various multicolored medicine bottles on his shoulders.


He was the alchemy guild’s master, Mr. Niervess.


He must be here to deliver the medicine Mr. Hansel requested, but did he need to directly invite the guild master?!


“Good Morning Mr. Niervess.”


“Yo, my boy Io. Your as thin as ever. Seriously, are you eating enough?” He walked immediately up to the front of the counter and stared, evaluating my whole body, though it could be said that standing behind the counter he could only see my upper half. Certainly, when you compare me to someone of the same generation and the same sex, I am rather slender, but….I guess you could say I look like someone ten years my junior.


He’s as unreserved as ever. Just as he’s usually known for.


“If you’re looking for Mr. Hansel, he’s in our butchering room. Would you like me to call for him?”


“Hmmm. That’s fine. I’ll go.” He left the guild. I wonder if he’s headed to the workshop. From behind the counter I headed to the workshop through the employee entrance.


“Morn’. I dropped by for a personal delivery of the medicine.”


“Oh, Little Niervess. You came especially for me. We’re saved.” Mr. Hansel looked over his shoulder and with a smiling face greeted Mr. Niervess.


Mr. Niervess slowly lowered the wooden crate he was carrying to his feet and approached the daughter, who was laying on her side. “This is the person I heard from my boy Arnel that was eaten by the Large Toad?”


“That’s right.”


“Hrmm,” groaned Mr. Niervess for some reason, slapping his chin with his hands. He evaluated the daughters condition for some time, “I’ll say, it’s too cruel. It’s not like I can just splash her with some dissolved medicine.”


“Only part of her can be healed; still I want you to heal. Can you do it?”


“It’s quite severe.” Mr. Neirvess took out a blue liquid filled bottle from his wooden crate. “This potion probably won’t cure anything other than her festering skin. Frankly, wouldn’t it be better to call for a priest from the church?” The healing power of the healing magic that priests of the church wield cannot be compared to the medicine around here. The healing magic that the high priests wield even has the potential to regenerate a lost arm or leg. Naturally, the cost to receive this kind of healing is enormous. And also for this reason it’s common for adventurers to rely on potions and other adventurer’s that can use healing magic.


The adventurer’s guild was trying to help this girl, but they weren’t so soft-hearted that they’d go that far.


“I think that’s something for her family to do. I can only have her treated this much.” Mr. Hansel shrugged his shoulders and extended his hand to Mr. Niervess.


“Then for now, would you take this potion?”




Mr. Niervess handed Mr. Hansel the potion. He opened the medicine he received immediately and poured it into her mouth. From what I could see, the changes to the daughter were not visible. But with this, the state of her skin should get somewhat better.


“Well then, I’ll just be heading back. I can’t neglect my guild.” Immediately after striking the pose with his fingers held across his forehead in goodbye, he turned his back on everyone. “Call on me if you need me again.”


“Thank you for coming. I’ll treat you next time.”


“If that’s the case, the bolognese from the Sylph’s Hotpot would be good.” The Sylph’s Hotpot is the name of a ryotei attached to the cooking guild. The bolognese there is delicious. I love it.


——After Mr. Neirvess returned to the alchemy guild Mr. Ashley returned. He seems like the type of person that was often commissioned to do a job.


Following him was a man dressed in coat that looked quite refined. While the man leered down in dismay at the completely changed form of the daughter, Mr. Ashley said to Mr. Hansel, “As things are, we’re here to take custody of the girl. It looks like he wants to take her to the church as soon as possible.”


As one would expect of an aristocrat. Seems like he’s not bothered by the amount of money needed to be raised to pay the church.


Mr. Hansel nodded. “Understood. We’ve done all we can, after that we’ll leave it to you.”


Mr. Ashley carefully wrapped the daughter’s entire body in cloth and held her in both arms. He had the physical strength one would expect from an adventurer. Mr. Hansel clapped his hands together with a loud pop as he saw Mr. Ashley off as he left the workshop following the man.


“Well...let’s all return to work. Mr. Sheik, please deal with the Large Toad.”


“What should I do with the skin and meat I collected? That adventurer just left without saying anything about it.” Mr. Sheik bent his head to the side as he stared down at the Large Toad he’d particularly butchered into neat and tidy pieces.


“I wonder if it’s okay to take it inside.”


“Since he didn’t say anything that might be okay. It can’t be helped since it’s been left behind; let’s do it.”


Mr. Hansel picked up Mr. Niervess’s wooden crate and headed back in the direction of the counter.


I should also return to my job…


Leaving behind Mr. Sheik and his company, who were facing the raw materials collected from the Large Toad, I left the workshop in order to return to work.



T/N: Yo, what’s up with the skinny shaming of our man Mr. Io? That’s not okay man!  

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