Appraiser's Job Chapter 28: Mozzarella Cheese Tomato Linguini

“Well then, I’m done for the day.”


“Good work today, Little Io. See you tomorrow.”


It had become evening by the time I finished my work. I walked down the street of La Niña which was as lively as ever and greeted the sunset, heading for the Sylph’s Hotpot.


As promised I received my special bonus of 2 gold coins from Mr. Hansel, and since my purse was now bulging with my new wealth, I decided to splurge a little with my evening meal.


What should I eat? If you have more than 200 galleons, you could obtain the finest cuisines that were usually quite expensive. I’d like to try the flavor of a full course seafood meal at least once.


I swallowed the saliva that had naturally welled up in my mouth at the thought and passed through the entrance to the ryotei.




It was still in the early, delicate hours of the evening, so the restaurant was relatively vacant.


I opened my menu, having been led to my seat by the ryotei’s host. A small piece of paper was interposed between the pages of the menu, and on it were written the ryotei’s current seasonal specials. This and that...was the Spring theme pasta?


Many recommended pasta dishes made with fresh, handmade noodles were illustrated there in rows. There was a deluxe bolognese made with plenty of beef. Rapeseed and mini asparagus pepperoncini. A soup base of various shellfish.  A carbonara of freshly laid eggs. It’s so hard to choose….


Everything looks delicious.


It’s no use, I’m already drooling.


Sipping the iced tea the waiter brought out to me, I once again looked over the menu. A slightly expensive meal is fine, but it’s not bad to occasionally consider their seasonal specials.


Well then, what should I order?


One dish caught my attention in my troubled state. Mozzarella cheese tomato linguini. It seemed to be a cheese flavored pasta dish made with ample cheese and vegetables.


I wonder...will the vegetables be from this season’s spring harvest?


A hearty pasta….that’s good. I’ll get this.


I called out to the waiter and ordered the dish.


I carefully looked around at the customers chatting amongst themselves as I waited for my meal. I could actually hear the various conversations of the adventurers that seemed to be stationed around here that made up the majority of the customers. Stories such as those of far away dungeons and their work there.


As I listened to these tales I felt as though I, myself, was actually adventuring there. But I neither had the ability nor the courage to fight those monsters.


I tilted back the cup full of iced tea and downed it in one gulp.


“Thank you for waiting,” said the waiter as he brought my meal. He set the steaming plate down in front of me. It was actually a colorful pasta of cubed eggplant, zucchini, and paprika. Their color brought out the red of the tomato sauce, making the dish look even more delicious.


I was given some habanero sauce to use as I like, but it should be fine even if I don’t use it.


I twisted some pasta coated in a fair amount of sauce around my fork and brought it to my mouth. The acidity of the tomato casually spread around the inside of my mouth.


….Tasty. Entirely tasty.


The vegetables had a suitable consistency while being chewed, yielding a substantiality to the dish. More than that, the cheese cubes had an elastic texture. The consistency of the pasta was no less fantastic, stimulating my appetite so that I consistently forked up mouthfuls.


It was completely irresistible.


My hand moved silently as I stuffed myself with pasta.


The tomato sauce was fresh, but this was the type of dish that settled heavily in one’s stomach.


The meal cost eight galleons. The contents of my wallet were sufficient to pay the bill.


I set the fork down on the clean plate and wiped the cheese sauce clinging to my lips with the paper napkin.


Next time I come I’ll have to order another pasta, since the seasonal specials seem to be going on for a little while.


Satisfied both body and soul, I passed some time sitting there, leisurely sipping the iced tea as I enjoyed the quiet evening for a moment.



T/N: Another chapter about food. I think this is #3 so far. I’ll admit, reading it makes me hungry.


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