Appraiser's Job Chapter 29: The Sorcerer Arriving from Ranmei

“Good morning.”


Morning. Having arrived at the guild, the sight of the backside of a woman talking enthusiastically to Mr. Hansel, who was holding a feather duster, across the guild counter appeared before my eyes.


Clad in lily white robes and a large cane fastened to her back, these were the things belonging to a sorcerer. What business did a sorcerer have coming to the adventurer’s guild so early in the morning?


Mr. Hansel’s face held the subtle nuances of concern. Should I come to his rescue?


“Mr. Hansel, how goes it?”


“Oh, morning Little Io. Could you listen for a moment?” Mr. Hansel began speaking immediately while still looking at my face. “This child is called Little Eve. She’s a sorcerer who arrived from Ranmei.”


The woman called Eve turned toward me and gave me a quick bow of her head.


Ranmei is the name of a city to the far East of La Niña. It was larger than La Niña and is famous for having a dungeon located in the city. I’ve never been there, but its a city with a full array of guilds, such as an adventurer’s guild like we have here in La Niña.


“It seems that lectures for learning magic, as an ordinary person not as an adventurer, have been opening up everywhere in town.”


Magic….to the ordinary person? I wonder if the magic they teach is for self-defense to be used against monsters.


Having waited with fist clenched to her chest, Ms. Eve began insistently, “There are a lot of magics that are useful for everyday life, such as compression magic and illumination magic. Even if you’re not an adventurer, if you can use these kinds of magic it’s extremely beneficial.”


Ah, these kinds of magics then...Certainly, in the world of magic there are plenty of magics that aren’t suitable for combat and more wisely used in other aspects of life. Such as magic that can only light a candle and magic that can make objects float. Compression magic is one example of such a magic.


Sure, I believe that if you can use this kind of magic your everyday life will become more comfortable, but———


“I was just asking the guild master of this guild to offer a place and opportunity for a lecture to be held even in this city.”


An adventurer’s guild is a place where many people come and go. And among these are various kinds of people other than adventurers; there are people from the craftsman guilds, as well as people the ordinary people who come to post various requests.


Mr. Hansel was well known. You could say that word soon spreads to the whole town if he goes out.


Indeed. She must be here because of that.


It should be fine if I listen to her request as well. The conversation shouldn’t harm the guild any.


I took out my glasses and putting them on said to Mr. Hansel, “I think it’s fine. I don’t think it’s bad if useful magic is spread to others.”


“I’m also not opposed to talking about an extra lecture and the like. However…” Mr. Hansel sighed. “I can offer a place to be used for the lecture,’s only about as big as our business area here. It’s regrettably a somewhat narrow place.”


“It’s enough if I can borrow such a place. If we don’t have a room the lecture itself can’t be held!” Ms. Eve said reassuringly.


Mr. Hansel abruptly released the tension in his shoulders and a thin smile floated to his lips. “If that’s the case I’ve got nothing to say. The adventurer’s guild will accept responsibility for the lecture.”


“Thank you.”


“We’ll put up an announcement on our quest board. When should we have the lecture?”


“Let me see….”


As I watched these two people begin a complicated conversation I set my bag down behind the counter.


A lecture about useful magic...Should I take part in it as well? I’ll talk to Mr. Hansel about this later.


I flipped over my nametag and moved to the second floor.


On top of my work desk were piled in a heap the objects most likely received from an appraisal request received last night. Hairpin. A bracelet. A set of earrings. A jeweled sword. A jewelry box…..


There’s a massive haul today, too.


Well then. Should I start appraising?



T/N: Feeling particularly productive this week. Here’s chapter 2 of 2 for the week. Possible more to come. *shrug* We’ll see.


On a side note, the author finished Appraiser’s Job not too long ago. So the final chapter count is 296. So we’re about 1/10 of the way done...if I did my math right.



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