Appraiser's Job Chapter 3: An Invitation to the Dungeon

Translated by callmemistress

Waiting for me to descend the stairs was a young man dressed in fine armor. He exuded the aura of one who appeared to be fairly experienced as an adventurer.


“How do you do? I’m the adventurer Larsh Igniton.” he said while extending his right hand. The swordsman’s calluses stood out against his otherwise elegant palms. A huge difference compared to the soft hands of a desk worker such as I.


“I am the appraiser Io Raton. Nice to meet you.” I said as I squeezed his hand.


“Please take a seat and tell us why you’re here,” offered Mr. Hensel as he pulled out an empty chair from the desk.


Mr. Larsh and I moved to the table and sat down.


“Shall we begin?”


Mr. Lash quickly cut to the point. “Mr. Io, are you acquainted with the new dungeon that was discovered near this neighborhood?”


“Dungeon?” I asked again.


Dungeon. A natural labyrinth where many monsters live. In some cases they are artificial structures such as neglected fortresses and castles that were established long ago. Exploring such places is the livelihood of adventurers, and there’s a special status for the adventurers that overcome the most difficult of dungeons. The theory on the natural occurrence of dungeons isn’t precisely clear. While there are people who say that dungeons exist within the distortion of the natural world, there are some people who say that magic itself affected their appearance.


In other words, no one really knows.


The cave-type dungeon that Mr. Larsh discovered seemed to be reasonably deep. The deeper the dungeon the higher the expectation that there is treasure. And accordingly, a dungeon where you can discover treasure cannot be said to be unrelated to an adventurers guild. Such a relationship does seem to cause my workload to increase as well.


And before I could think, Mr. Larsh took a paper tube out from somewhere and spread it out on the table.


“Actually, the fact is my party has been dispatched by the government to investigate this dungeon.” On the surface of the paper was engraved the insignia representing the government’s correspondence. A brief summary and the official request to investigate the dungeon was written just below it. Indeed, this did seem to be a job directly requested by the government.


“We have to record the dungeon layout, magic distribution, obtainable treasure, and raw materials but,” Mr. Larsh continued, briefly pausing to stare at my face.


“In order to take a more detailed record, you’re talking about having someone who can use appraisal magic accompanying you.” Appraisal magic can basically only be used by appraisers. Rather it’s more accurate to say that people who can use appraisal magic generally tend to become appraisers. Seldom are people who can use appraisal magic needed among adventuring adventurers. So much so that I’ve never seen it.


Therefore, when someone needs to find a person who specializes in appraisal magic, the fastest method would be to contact an adventurer’s guild for their attached appraiser. Mr. Larsh also seems to have realized this, and so here he is.


Wait a moment...this course of events….


“I’ll get straight to the point. Mr. Io, would you accompany me on my dungeon investigation?”


“Yes?...” I was amazed at the idiotic voice that came out from my mouth, and I couldn’t stop blinking in shock.




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