Appraiser's Job Chapter 30: The Special Lecture



I could hear humming.


I held the appraised items in my hands as I headed downstairs. I could see the figure of Ms. Eve working on something at the table in our business area. With a fleeting glance over her shoulder I saw the paper on which the magic wielding sorcerer had drawn a picture for what looked like a poster.


I entrusted the appraised items to Mr. Hansel, who was still at the counter, before quietly approaching Ms. Eve’s rear.


“Are the preparations going well?”


“Oh!” Ms. Eve’s upper body jumped, startled. It didn’t seem like she was just surprised…


Ms. Eve turned to face me and a smile floated to her lips when she found my face. “Yes. Thanks to you...we’ll actually be able to open the lecture. Truly, thank you for your cooperation.”


Holding what looked like a high quality poster, she approached the counter. She returned the way she’d come after handing the poster over to Mr. Hansel and gave me a serious once over.


“You’re the appraiser, right? I heard that an appraiser’s work can’t be done without its characteristic magic.”


“Yeah, you could say that,” I nodded. An appraiser can’t do his job if he doesn’t use appraisal magic. Meaning that an appraiser and a sorcerer are existences that rely on the same magic.


Ms. Eve brought her hands together in front of her chest with a clap and said, “Is that so? Why don’t you also memorize some magic then?”


“Eh?” I blinked at this sudden proposal.


“How about some convenient compression magic for carrying luggage? I’ll put my all into teaching you.”


“Eh, right now?”


“What, is that not good, Little Io?” came Mr. Hansel’s leisurely voice from the counter. His neck stretched over the counter as he stared in our directing saying, “It’ll be time for your lunch break soon. Why don’t you receive some learning?


Having said that I looked at my really was time for my lunch break.


If I ate lunch at a food stall I could finish quickly, then in my free time it might be alright to ask her to teach me.


Besides, when I looked into her sparkling eyes——I scratched the back of my head. I couldn’t refuse. Not while looking at those eyes.


“I’m going to go buy lunch; would after that be okay?”


“Yes, of course,” Ms. Eve answered, her whole face lighting up with a smile. She put her hands on her stomach burst out laughing. “I’ve also grown hungry. Would it be alright if we ate lunch together?” Was that movement just now made to hide the sound coming from her stomach?


I removed my glasses and said, “If that’s the case, then let’s go together. I’ll introduce you to a delicious food stall.”


“Alright! Sounds good. I’ll be in your care.” Ms. Eve snuggled up close to me.


Then, with her in tow, we set of to buy some food. The fried food near here should be acceptable.


And so we left the adventurer’s guild.


T/N: A short chapter. It’s also an EXTRA chapter. Which rarely happens. :)



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