Appraiser's Job Chapter 32: And to the West

More people gathered for Ms. Eve's lecture on magic then was expected. The everyday people crammed into the business area so much so that you could see the bustling of the crowd of people. It seemed the poster placed on the quest board had been successful.


Many magics other than the compression magic I had learned were taught at the lecture. But I didn't know if all the people that came to visit the lecture were able to learn them. Since only these people came, is it okay to say that the lecture ended in success.


I'll have to practice the compression magic when I have some free time. With the idea of using the items I appraise as practice materials leaving a bad taste in my mouth, I put my glasses to use. As I practiced continually I grew used to it, without a lot of time passing since I first learned how to use magic.


I thanked Ms. Eve for teaching me magic, “I'm in your debt.”


The lecture ended. Ms. Eve formally bowed to Mr. Hansel. “We were able to finish the lecture without any problems. All of this is thanks Mr. Hansel deciding to cooperate along with the people here at the adventurer’s guild.”


“The most important thing is that we were able to help.” Mr. Hansel sent a fleeting glance my direction, “We're also grateful to Little Io.”


Ms. Eve turned her eyes toward me. I humbly bowed my head.


“I suppose you'll be returning to Ranmei now.”


“Not at all. At this rate I'll be heading west as I  still have much to do in order to spread the use of magic.”


To the west of far as I know is the city of Klaid. Certainly that city must also have an adventurer's guild. A trip to spread the use of magic, somehow it doesn't seem like it'll end that easily.


Keep it up, Ms. Eve.


“We'll them, I'll be off.”


“Come visit us again.”


“Yes!” Ms. Eve responded cheerfully, smiling at Mr. Hansel's words. She departed, heading to her destination in the west.


“It's good to be young. I was also like that, back in my day,” Mr. Hansel said while smiling.


Which reminds me, when Mr. Hansel was young, he was an adventurer.


“I can't go losing to you young people,” he said, striking an energetic pose before withdrawing into the back area behind the counter.


I straightened myself as I looked toward the main street Ms. Eve had exited into. I need to properly use the magic she taught me so that she doesn't regret teaching me the next time she comes.


I continued to think that as I returned to my own workshop.


T/N: A really long time...



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