Appraiser's Job Chapter 33: The Adventurer Aptitude Test

Today, too, I passed the time pursuing my appraisals.


{Appraiser's Eye}


My heart thudded occasionally while I looked at magical items and cursed weapons-----this is the ordinary everyday life of an appraiser.


“315 SC….Its condition is unexpectedly good. The gemstone is a bit suspicious.”


I'm naturally enthusiastic toward appraising when I think about the control I have over the estimation that comes from my appraisal results. It's the thing that makes me happy to be an appraiser. At least for me.


I wouldn't say it's a simple job. But there are people in this world that like having that sort of thankless job. I have to think that of all the people in the world there are people that enjoy being at the front of politics.


“Little Io,” called Mr. Hansel's voice from the lower level. Are there more items to be appraised?


I got up from my chair and made my way down to the counter where Mr. Hansel was waiting.


“What is it?”


“There is an appraisal request!” said Mr. Hansel and I headed into his line of sight in the front.


They were there in front of him----about 14.5 years old. A boy and girl dressed in brand new traveling clothes.


A young boy wrapped in a simple priest’s robe like that of a novice sorcerer. And a young woman who's entire body was fortified by armor made to emphasize ease of movement.


Both of their shoulders stiffened from the tension in their bodies. Judging by their appearance——they didn’t bring something in to have appraised. I’d have to say they were the target of the appraisal.


I gave the two of them a light bow as I came to stand before them. “I’m the appraiser Io Raton. Are you hoping to be appraised?”


“Ah, yeah,” the young boy replied with an awkward bow. “We want to be appraised. We want to become adventurers but, ——we want to know how long until we can do so.”


They’re dressed to be a sorcerer and a swordsman, but just because they wear the clothes, doesn’t mean they’re suitable for it.


Is that the case here? Does their armor match them to the adventurers they walked in as? Hmmm, it’s not that I don’t understand this feeling, but…


“Understood. Well then, this way please.” I guided the two of them into the business area.


After encouraging the two to sit in the nearby chairs I gave them another once over before seating myself.


“Well then, I’ll begin the appraisal.”


I corrected the position of my glasses, and breathed in deeply before extending my right hand to the young boy.


Now, I wonder what result will come out.


{Appraiser’s Eye}


The magical words spread out before my eyes, popping into existence. My eyes rotated through the appraisal results one by one.


T/N: Okay, that’s all for the weekend. Was hoping to get all six out this weekend, but I got struck with the flu and have been bedridden/sleeping most of the time. So there’s still three more chapters to catch up on. On another note, I’ll be starting classes soon, so I’ll be reducing the number of chapters per week from two down to one until I finish (it’s an online class).


Hopefully the rest of you have managed to stay healthy!



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