Appraiser's Job Chapter 34: The Youths Chasing After a Dream

The young boy’s appraisal results:



STR:108 DEX:72 VIT:99 AGI:68 INT:55 MND:62

Current Status: Normal』


STR refers to one's physical strength, and a number this high was suitable for anyone wanting to be a weapon swinging warrior.


Conversely, his INT was extremely low….representing intellectual power, it was the most important number representing one's aptitude toward becoming a sorcerer.


In other words. The results showed that he was more suited to become a warrior than a sorcerer. He may have the appearance of a sorcerer, but his chances of becoming so were marginal at best.


On the same point, let’s appraise the girl.



 STR:50 DEX:66 VIT:70 AGI:65 INT:112 MND:91

 Current status: Normal』


With her results being the exact opposite of Mr. Yuri’s, it was evident that she was more suited toward becoming a sorcerer. The armor may fit, but unfortunately her potential as a swordsman was low.


It’s painful having to convey these results, but this it is my job. I cannot allow myself to give them a vague answer, for their sake.


“The appraisal is over.”


A small cry escaped the pair’s throats. The anticipation and anxiety mixed into their gazes sought to captivate me directly.


“First, Mr. Yuri,” I said, pausing a moment. “The results show strength is your highest attribute. You are highly suited toward becoming a warrior.”


“Um, I...want to become a sorcerer, can't I keep pursuing that?”


“Having seen your ability scores I have to tell you that your aptitude toward becoming a sorcerer is quite low at this present time.”


“....just like that.” The lad was obviously dejected.


Now then, onto Ms. Kornia, who was leaning forward in anticipation.


“And me? How is it?”


“Ms. Kornia’s potential toward becoming a sorcerer is quite high. Even if you chose not to become a sorcerer, you’re suited for any occupation that handles magic in one fashion or another.”


“Whaa—?” Ms. Kornia’s lips thinned in displeasure as she lowered her eyes to her waist. I could see a sword hang from her belt. “Even though I worked so hard to buy this sword....”


“Truly, I...I cannot become a sorcerer? Is there nothing I can do?”


Even if I could say something. I can only tell them their appraisal results. Appraisal magic does not lie. The results the magic shows, no matter who casts the magic, are absolute.


“That’s how it is.”


The lad clapped his hands together with a pop. “Has the adventurer’s guild received any quests?”


“?......Yes. Allow me to intercede on your behalf in that case.”


“Is a simply monster slaying quest as a trial no good? I want to confirm with my own eyes whether or not I truly have no potential in become a sorcerer.”


....Simple he said, but monster slaying quests a were jobs where you essentially put your life on the line. Because he said he wanted to see his potential to be a sorcerer, it’s a given that he could use magic, but I wonder what magic he can use.


Next to the lad, Ms. Kornia nodded, grunting her agreement. It seemed she also planned to investigate for herself her own ability to be a warrior.


.....Youth is amazing. They don’t know fear.


I furrowed my brow while stroking the side of my temple.


“....The results of the appraisal aren’t a lie…”


“Mr. Appraiser, please come with us. We want you to verify it with us.”


“....What?” My voice gave a start as I stood there looking stupid at there sudden request.


They wanted me to accompany I’m just an ordinary person.


Not knowing how to answer, I looked to the guild counter. As Mr. Hansel said it was fine to go, he took out a sheet of paper. “If that’s the case, I wonder if this’ll do. There’s a request to exterminate a nest of Crawlers along the highway. It’s a job oriented towards beginners.”


Is the part where I have to accompany them being ignored? I have a feeling that something recently flushed them out of their usual hunting grounds. Recently I used to think that appraisers were really away from the guild, but I wonder what Mr. Hansel thinks about this situation.


“Little Io, if you harvest a Crawler cocoon, I'll speak to Little Nana about the sewing guild buying it.”


….By any chance, does he think this is a chance to replenish our stock?


That wasn't because I was going along, right? I'd only be an attendant, right?


My stomach began to hurt. I sighed softly enough the two energetic youths in front of me didn't see.


T/N: I'm using the word “lad/lass” to denote when the author uses -kun. If anyone had any better suggestions, I'd love to hear then. :D



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