Appraiser's Job Chapter 37: The Adventurers Depart

“We’re in your debt, Mr. Io.”


We returned to the adventurer’s guild. The two, having safely exchanged their equipment, bowed their heads deeply toward me. The warrior Little Yuri, and the sorcerer Ms. Kornia. It looks like everything’s gone in order.


“We’ll be able to become a top-rate adventurer more quickly if we do more quests.”


“Here’s your reward for completing the quest. Please come accept it,” called out Mr. Hansel to the pair from behind the counter as he shuffled together some official papers. “The request to slay the Crawler. You accomplished it so uneventfully…, your reward is 150 galleons. Or 1 gold coin and 5 silver coins. Please verify you’ve received the correct amount yourself.” He pushed the leather bag he’d put the coins into toward the pair.


He continued to put another bad down next to the first one. “This is the money that was paid for the cocoon you obtained from the Crawler. I’ve put 500 galleons inside. You got lucky this time.” As one would expect of a material that could become silk thread. Buying it is just a bit on the expensive side.


Little Yuri happily received the money. Being an adventurer has its expenses.


I only hope that that payment will be enough to help fund them after this….aren’t 600 galleons a bit insufficient?


“Thank you!”


“It is I who should be thanking you for supplying such a material. You saved me,” Mr. Hansel smiled. “Will you two be in La Niña for long? It’d be helpful if you joined the adventurer’s guild here?” he said, sending a fleeting glance my way.


…...What does that gaze mean?!


“Yes,” nodded Little Yuri.


“In that case, welcome to the guild!”


“We’re look forward to working with you.”


——Mr. Hansel’s shoulders shook in good humor as he saw the two off.


“Kid’s like that are going to be what supports this guild and this city in the future.”




“.......Then. Little Io, I’ve got a favor to ask, would that be alright?”


“What is it?”


Taking out a linen wrapped object from behind the counter, Mr. Hansel said, “The cocoon obtained from the Crawler. Would you be able to deliver it to the sewing guild for me?”


…..If I remember correctly, the last time I delivered thread to the sewing guild, there wasn’t any problem in the delivery of the cocoon. If I were to check, the cocoon this time was particularly problem free as well. I’ve heard the sewing guild has people that can spin this thread into cloth.


I nodded and received the cloth wrapped packaged from Mr. Hansel.






It’d been a long time since I last went to the sewing guild. Not since I had received these robes. In any case, these traveling clothes feel nice to wear. I should choose some new clothes while at the sewing guild after receiving such favor. With payday soon and my purse soon to be rich, I should consult with Ms. Nanna.


Thinking about these various things, I departed from the adventurer’s guild and set out for the sewing guild.




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