Appraiser's Job Chapter 39: The Fitting

“So this is the showcase. It’s not that amazing.”


Mr. Hansel stared at me smiling wholey as one would to their own children and answered, “Little Io, even though you're adorable enough as is, Ms. Nanna’s handmade outfits are the strongest. The audience will undoubtedly be unable to look away.”


…...I’m adorable? That’s not the word a man nearing his thirties wants to hear.


Well, this IS from Mr. Hansel. He tends to say these kinds of words.


Fixing my glasses I said, “Thanks to that, I’d appreciate if you gave me the day after tomorrow off.”


“Of course that’d be fine. Please work hard as a model!”


The problem of getting the day off was settled that easily. Most likely because I work hard at my job everyday. This will be just like any other work day, so I’ll definitely go.


“I won’t be able to go see, but I’ll be cheering you on.”


“Thank you.”


And then tomorrow evening came. What follows if from the time I went to the sewing guild to get the outfit fitted.




“Mr. Io, I’ve been waiting for you.”

The following evening.


I’d walked to the sewing guild after work and was greeted by Ms. Nanna’s smiling face. Still in the middle of work she had a pair of sewing scissors in her right hand and a sewing needle in her left.


“I just finished adjusting the size of the outfit. Please come here.”


This was the second time I’d set foot in the back of the guild. With the showcase so close a lot of seamstresses were staying here. There wasn’t just one outfit that was going to be revealed at the showcase, you know.


Ms. Nanna carried out a bust wearing the outfit from the back of her workshop. Excitedly she set it down in front of me. “This’ll be the outfit you’ll wear tomorrow, Mr. Io.”


It was a sorcerer’s robe with the collar and chest decorated with silver jewels. The underlying color was a deep indigo blue. The overall feeling it gave off was balanced with the silverwork applied to the area around where the belt was tied at the waist.


The base  looked a bit tight. It seemed to be made so that the hem didn’t flare out and rustle like a skirt would.


Is this… you produce an intelligent, glasses-wearing man?


Ms. Nanna did request a model that seemed to be a sorcerer.


“Could you put this on immediately for me? Please let me know if there are any tight spots.” Leading me to the dressing room, she handed me the outfit.


The robe was comfortable to put on with its easy to open clasp on the front. I quickly changed into the outfit. The texture was sleek and velvety soft. It seemed like a high quality cloth was used.


Fastening the belt I looked into the full length mirror set up in the dressing room It reflected a blonde-haired, blue-eyed figure wearing a brand new robe.


This is me?


It had the air of a sheltered sorcerer. It matched well with the image of someone who would carry around an armful of thick books.


“It does indeed give this kind of impression.”


Opening the dressing room’s curtain, I stood before Ms. Nanna.


“Wow….” The words slipped passed her as she clasped her cheeks between both hands in admiration.


“As I thought, it was the right idea to ask Mr. Io. You convey the right image. It's wonderful.”


But I don't think I convey that image at all.


I don't feel as though I'm clothed, and I began to wonder if adjusting it was even necessary.


I changed back into my original clothes as Ms Nanna explained the showcase to me. Working as a model only entails standing on stage wearing the new outfit. Ms. Nanna went on to essentially explain that I didn't need to take any kind of special pose either.


Nevertheless, I was still nervous. It didn't change the fact that I'd be attracting the attention of a large crowd of people. Tomorrow I'd have to conduct myself in such a way as to not make any careless blunders.


I'd thought to eat dinner after this, but now I'll try to not eat anything with a strong smell. I feel that someone once said it was proper etiquette to take your body odor into consideration.


“I'll ask that you gather in front of the sewing guild at 10 tomorrow morning.”


Sounds like we'll be using a carriage to travel to the showcase. The event isn't something that's held nearby.


Having promised that I absolutely wouldn't be late, I left the sewing guild.


I'll have to wash my hair thoroughly tonight.


….Which reminds me, do I have any soap left? Should I go buy more since I have the time?


If I'm going to go anyway, let's just go shopping.


As it got dark I walked in the direction of the shopping district.




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