Appraiser's Job Chapter 4: The Appraiser is Heart-broken

Translated by: Callmemistress

It’s been some time since I last dreamed of becoming an adventurer. However, I had to immediately give it up. Because I understood my own ability was completely non-existent from the time I, myself, was appraised. Yeah, I never thought that my dreams would be destroyed by my own appraisal magic….


After that I sought work at an adventurers guild so that I could use my appraisal magic. How could I, who had zero talent as an adventurer, go running through a dungeon? It’s absolutely impossible, right? Mr. Larsh must be pulling my leg. I have no physical strength, and I’m bad at exercising too. I can’t see myself doing anything other than running around to and fro if a monster were to attack.


“No no, it’s impossible. I can’t do something like that. Entering a dungeon.”


“In the event that we get attacked by monsters, we will protect you. So why don’t you just accept?”


Mr. Larsh had come all the way out here, after all.


Damn, his eyes were serious. They emitted such power. “There is no one else we can ask. Please, say yes.”


“You don’t like it, Little Io? I’ll take care of everything here,” came Mr. Hansel’s voice from the direction of the counter. Good grief, butting into someone else’s problems. “Little Io is going to debut as an adventurer! He’ll have to get his traveling clothes made for him from a sewing guild.”


“No, no. Mr. Hansel, I haven’t said if I’ll go yet.” Please don’t answer for me so willfully, Mr. Hansel!


“I’m begging you, Mr. Io. If for no other reason than we wouldn’t know what to do if you refused,” said Mr. Larsh, tightly grasping my hands.


Sir, my hands are starting to hurt. You’re squeezing too much…..I understand how desperate you are, but this strength is just too much.


“We’ll compensate you sufficiently. And we’ll arrange for your meals and help you get all the tools you’ll need.


“This is no good, Little Io. Don’t do it.”


“Mr. Hansel, then what was the point of me coming here….”






“Well then, I’ll come pick you up in 3 days. Please have everything in order by then.” Mr. Larsh bowed his head as I saw him off at the front door,


Is this the beginning of the end….


It seemed that through Mr. Larsh’s desperate persuasion, I was pushed to accept his request. I, who never set foot in a dungeon since I was born, was now planning to go to a dungeon that had no prior information gathered about it.


My stomach was in knots from the anxiety of it all.


“Little Io, I’ll get in touch with the sewing guild for you.” Why did it seem like Mr. Hansel was delighted by all this?

I re-entered the guild, pushing the glasses that had started to slip back into place on my nose.


When Mr. Larsh first came the guild was empty, but now it was bustling full of people.


I couldn’t complain about my decision forever...I could no longer change my mind, anyway.


Slapping my cheeks, I returned to my workshop where I had work still waiting for me.


T/N: Yes, as some of you have pointed out, the chapters are short.




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