Appraiser's Job Chapter 40: Shopping at a Variety Store

If it comes to soap, then you may as well buy it here. The Empty Mistletoe was a variety story that mostly handles balms and bathing powders. It’s a shop geared mainly toward women, but I’d also recommend it for those men who are fascinated with their abundant assortment.


I often purchase soap and bath powders here. They not only carry sweet smelling fruity products, but because they also carry a great many in the clean floral fragrances, even men feel unreserved in using their products.


Incidentally, I like the ones that smell of citrus.


Evening had fallen and the store was bustling with many female customers. I weaved through the crowd as I made my way toward the soap section. There were many kinds of soap, and their  large variety ranged from the hard soaps for washing your body to the liquid soaps for washing your hair.


As I stretched my hand out for the kind of liquid soap I always used, I stopped. On a nearby shelf I discovered a label on which was written ‘Staff’s Recommendation’.


Ummm…….It explained, “We just launched this new spring liquid soap with which you can wash both your hair and your body!


Is this it?


I picked up an orange bottle filled with liquid soap. It faintly smelled of oranges. It cost 7 galleons. I guess that’s a pretty ordinary price for liquid soap.


There were a few different varieties of scent; it seemed that other than orange there was also rose, apricot, and lavender.


These are nice. The narrow bottle didn’t take up a lot of space, and best of all you only needed one to wash your whole body. If I had to choose, I’d probably still take the orange one.


Besides…..I turned my head toward the towel section placed right next to the soap section. That reminds me, the towel I use for my body has been getting worn out. Should I take this opportunity to buy one?


From among the pile of folded up towels I picked out a firm one. If prefer firmer towels for drying my body. One towel was 3 galleons. I grabbed two.


Next I turned toward the bathing powder section. I used bath powder occasionally. As exhaustion from work piled up I’d put it into my bath so I could relax the next day.


There was a wide variety here as well, from bubbling solids to fizzing powders. And they were rich in varieties of smells. Jasmine, floral, lavender, rose, citrus…..should I soak for a while in such a bath today?


I chose a citrus smelling bath powder.


Isn’t going shopping buying things like this?


I headed up to the cashier and paid for the items which were then stuffed into a bag for me. To make matters worse I received a balm sample for spending so much. I’ll use it appreciatively!


Since I finished my shopping it was time for dinner. This was the same pattern as usual, but it should be fine if I rely on the Sylph’s Hotpot while I’m here.


With the paper bag in hand I headed for the ryotei.




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