Appraiser's Job Chapter 41: Ten Vegetable Risotto

Arriving at the ryotei, I immediately opened my menu after having been lead to my seat.


Since I can’t eat anything strong smelling today, I’ll pass on any dishes made with garlic.


As far as that is concerned——Oh, I wonder how something like this would be.


I noticed that healthy dishes were listed on the first page of the menu. Ten vegetable risotto. Based on the name it seemed to be a dish made with plenty of vegetables. Its high point was that it was good for your health. For 6 galleons it was a fair price. I’ll go with this.


Calling over the waiter, I ordered the dish.


As I casually looked around what met my eyes was the sight of a group of adventurers that seemed to have just gotten up. It became clear that this was a very skilled group of adventurers based on the equipment they wore and the aura they exuded.


They…..aren’t from around here. I wonder if they stopped at La Nina while en route on their travels. I would have probably already had the chance to meet them if they were on some task for the adventurer’s guild. Afterall, the adventurer’s guild is the type of place where a lot of people come and go.


I slaked my thirst with my iced tea, and quietly waited for my food.


“Thank you for waiting.” The food I ordered was brought out without much time having passed.


The carrots, paprika, and zucchini were vividly colored. The potatoes had a moderate amount of heat running through them, and when I poked them with a spoon the contents collapsed, moving me to tears. Are these round objects green peas? For an unusual vegetable, baby corn was also added in.


And finally, the rice. Did it not look absolutely appetizing having bulked up from having sucked in a suitable amount of broth.


Let’s eat at once.


The soup was well mixed, and I scooped out a pocket of rice with zucchini.


….Its round flavor pierced my stomach. The vegetables were moderately chewy, but most of all the rice, which had sucked in all of the flavor of the vegetables, was delicious.


“Ha….Hot. But so delicious.”


It may have been called a risotto, but this smooth feeling tasted like rice porridge. I don’t want to change this flavor.


Time slowly passed as I perservered through the risotto.


If I had a mind to make this kind of food at home, I could do it, but when I think of all the labor needed to prepare this many ingredients I still wish to just go to a ryotei. I don’t want to boast, but cooking isn’t really my forte. If we’re to talk of the food I can make on my own, I have a firm foundation of only boiling or baking the ingredients I’ve cut up.


Therefore, I honestly admire the people that can make delicious food like this.


…...Huu. I ate it all. I ate it all.


The bowl was empty after I’d drank what little bit of soup left. And yet I still had a little bit of room left in my stomach. It looks to me that I can eat some more.


….I wonder what I want for dessert?


I pulled up the menu I’d set aside earlier. As one would expect there weren’t a lot of ordinary dishes for desert, but even so there were sweets to suit the occasion such as crepes and mousse. I zeroed in on the yogurt covered in a berry sauce. This one would feel refreshing in my mouth.


I promptly called over the waiter and ordered the dessert. It was immediately brought out after I ordered it as it seemed that the time it took to prepare it didn’t differ from that of any other ordinary dish.


There were some black round things added in, but I wondered at what they were.


I scooped out a spoonful and tried a bite… was blueberry. The sourness of the yogurt and the sweetness of the berry sauce skillfully blended together into deliciousness. The flesh of the blueberries was fresh and vibrant, and when I took a bite the thick juice that oozed out was indescribable.


It’s a flavor I’d want to eat after every meal.


Having been completely satisfied after finishing the yogurt, I gave my stomach a pat and took a deep breath.


As usual, the food here is the best. I’m glad that no matter what I order I won’t lose. With such a tasty place like this, I can’t just leave.

Yet I have to return and prepare for tomorrow. Having bought some new soap and bath powder, I’ll thoroughly wash myself tonight. Taking a bath in such a relaxed mood….is the best!


T/N: BONUS CHAPTER! (more like repaying a debt/wanting to get to that showcase sooner rather than later). Enjoy <3



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