Appraiser's Job Chapter 42: Entering the Venue

Thick dark clouds overran the sky. It wasn’t raining at the moment, but it seemed to be just a matter of time. The weather had been like this since this morning.


“Good morning.”


By the time I arrived at the sewing guild, Ms. Nanna had just finished the preparations for our departure. There were two wooden boxes in a large bag. A sheet of paper was affixed to the wooden boxes on which I could see at a glance the words ‘items for display’ written on it.


Are they planning on bringing that many outfits to the showcase?


“Good morning.”


Ms. Nanna wasn’t wearing her usual apron, but rather had a light lemon yellow dress wrapped around her. Her hair was let down instead of being in a braid as well, looking surprisingly mature.


“It’s about time for the carriage to arrive. You didn’t forget anything, did you?”


“I’m all set,” I answered tapping the bag hanging over my shoulder. It had seemed like I wouldn’t need any luggage. Since Ms. Nanna had the outfit I was going to wear, the only thing I had to personally prepare were my glasses.


“Once we arrive, please change in the waiting room. While Mr. Io is changing, we’ll be finishing up our essential preparations.”


“Got it.”


The carriage came running toward us from down the street.


Finally. I was getting nervous.


Ms. Nanna smiled sweetly and lightly touched my arm. “It’s fine to just be your usual self, Mr. Io. Let’s relax.”


A theatre on the outskirts of town. This was the venue for the showcase.


The place was bustling with so many people, I couldn’t tell who were spectators and who were staff.


Ms. Nanna accepted the luggage that was being handed down from the newly arrived carriage. As I was waiting, three men I recognized as the venue staff came over and carried the wooden box inside.


“Thanks for waiting.” Ms. Nanna trotted back. “The waiting area is down the left passage once you enter the venue. Let’s not delay in making our way there.”


The inside looked just as one would expect, with the extravagance of a theater. Supporting either side of the entrance were two lions standing on their rear legs and staring intently at the stairway. It looked like that was the entrance to the showcase.


We turned left down the passageway that was just wide enough for the two of us. At the end of the hall was a door. A sign hung slanted on the front with the words “Waiting Room” written on it. As we opened the door, we were greeted by the wooden box the staff had brought in earlier.


Ms. Nanna walked straight to the wooden box, and after lifting the lid, began to rummage inside. “The outfit Mr. Io is….ah, here it is.” Taking it into her hands, she personally delivered the outfit to me. “Well then, would you please get changed? When you’re finished with that, please come out into the hall.” She fit her bag into the wooden box before taking it in her arms and then teeter-tottered out the room.


….On the way there she looked like she was about to fall over, but she made it there alright.


For now, why don’t I get changed?


I closed the door and took off the satchel hanging over my shoulder.

T/N: This is an old chapter that I'm finally getting around to releasing. That being said, I'm back in school again, yay! For a few months at least. Sooooo, we'll see if we can't actually do some translating in between the homework. This should help me be more productive than any of the other time wasters I tend to do when I'm procrastinating doing homework. Haha. I make no promises, but we'll see what we can do.

Well, I hope all of you have been well these past few months.


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