Appraiser's Job Chapter 6: Ms. Nanna of the Sewing Guild


Other than adventurer guilds there were also artisan guilds. Unlike adventurer guilds that exchange information and goods with other adventurers, artisan guilds offer the skills of their trade to the people living in the city. It’s a guild to nurture artisans, so to speak. For example, here in this sewing guild, they teach the skills necessary to become a top rated tailor or seamstress.


Usually artisans work mainly with the city’s residents, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t also adventurers. In their spare time they go to these kinds of guilds in order to improve their abilities as much as possible. Among them are adventurers whose skills put the professionals to shame, but not everyone has the chance to meet those kinds of individuals.


Getting back on topic…


Artisan guilds and adventurer guilds have a close relationship. Adventurer guilds tend to supply the necessary raw materials artisan guilds need to replenish their stock, like now for instance.


Naturally, they don’t do this for free.


Now that I think about it, Mr. Hansel didn’t say how much the fee was; I wonder if he’s offering it for free this time.




As I was waiting at the guild’s reception counter, a petite young woman walked briskly out from the interior of the guild. I could see a loose fishtail braid resting over her shoulder. Her dress had a rustic simplicity to it.


Without a doubt, she was the guild master, Ms. Nanna.


“Aren’t you Mr. Io from the Adventurer’s Guild? How are you doing today?” she said with a lackadaisical tone of voice.


If an impatient person were to interact with a woman like her they would probably feel some slight irritation at her slow manner.


I gave her a small, gentle bow and presented to her the large hemp sack I was carrying.


“It’s the silk thread you ordered. Mr. Hansel  just obtained it so you didn’t have to wait long.”


“Ah, so he just got it. In that case, please wait here a moment.”

Ms. Nanna accepted the hemp sack from me and put it behind the counter. After what I think sounded like her rummaging through the shelves, she returned with a small leather bag and set it on the countertop.


“This is the payment for the silk thread. Please deliver it to Mr. Hansel.”


Receiving the leather bag, I heard the sound of metal coins jostling about. sounded like 10 gold coins. It’s a reasonable price for the silk thread.


“Mr. Io, I heard from Mr. Hansel that you’re about to set out for a dungeon.”


What?....she already knows about it?


While putting the leather bag into my pocket, I blinked my eyes in disbelief and looked at Ms. Nanna. Mr. Hansel, when in the world did you talk with Ms. Nanna.


“He asked me if I could make some clothes for you. Now that the silk threads have arrived please tell him to look forward to me tailoring some excellent clothes.”


“...Ah..” I half-heartedly replied, scratching the back of my head.


Actually, I didn’t have any interest in all this, but I would never tell her that.


“I think we can do it in two days. Would you kindly come back in the evening the day after tomorrow?


Can I do it with such a thing, a bunch of traveling clothes?


Well, the clothes are just unarmored cloth. With Ms. Nanna's skills, it shouldn't be that difficult to make.



I bowed my head.


“Understood. Thank you very much.”


“Hehe, I’m just itching to use my skills.”


“Well then, I leave it to you.” Saying my farewell, I left the sewing guild.


After two days….I more or less have something to look forward to.


Well, it’s lunch time. Let’s go to that traditional Japanese restaurant.


Patting my rumbling stomach, I set out to find the cooking guild’s restaurant.





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