Appraiser's Job Chapter 7: Silver Salmon in a Cheese Saute


This traditional Japanese restaurant, which was set beside the cooking guild, had not professional chefs, but chefs belonging to the cooking guild. Be that as it may, the flavor was authentic. They had the skill to make the flavor taste like a pro’s, and the cuisine was favorably similar.


The food here was my favorite.


I invited a coworker from the adventurers guild several times, and with its cheap cost and good flavor, it was well received. It’s quite famous, you know.


The line had already formed for lunch, but luckily I didn’t need to wait long to be seated today.


Now, what should I eat?


Opening the menu, I deliberated on what to get. I was thinking of getting something with fish….However, this pasta dish with tomato sauce and an ample amount of vegetables is hard to ignore. No, not at all. Perhaps I should get a regular Meat Doria?


Hmmmm, this is perplexing.

This time I’ll get….this! The daily special; the dish of the day the traditional Japanese restaurant boasted of.


Today is...silver salmon in a cheese saute.


If you focused on the surroundings, you’d see there were a considerable number of customers that also thought to order the same. It would seem this cuisine is popular.


Great, let’s go with this.


I called over to the waiter and ordered today’s special.


While sipping the iced tea he carried over instead of the usual iced water, I took a breather. The tea here had such a mysterious flavor. Is that fragrance of flowers I smell? I like this more than usual iced water.


Enjoying the tea’s flavor, I listened to the sounds around me for a short while.


The waiter brought my food, and the aroma of cheese and basil stimulated my appetite. It looked delicious with its garnish of a king oyster mushroom and the steamy appearance of just coming off of the stove.  


I immediately put my fork in the flesh of the fish. The meat was tender, and without using much force, the flesh fell away from the skin. The cheese twisted around the fork forming a delicate mouthful. Mmmmm, so delicious. The characteristic salmon flavor matched with the flavor of the cheese and olive oil, producing an exquisite combination. This is delicious even without the cheese. This flavor makes me want some rice.


I stared blankly in amazement as the fish in front of me slowly diminished, but before 10 minutes had passed it was completely inside my stomach. This was a hit; I’m glad I ordered it. I washed away the oil in my mouth with the iced tea and left my seat immersed in the feelings of satisfaction.


This food was made by a chef in the middle of training at the guild? This cooking guild was incredible.


I paid my bill, and as I left the restaurant I said, “Thanks for the meal.”


Now’s as good a time as any. Let’s return to the adventurers guild and deliver Mr. Hansel’s payment.


While thinking about things such as buying that muffin at a souvenir stand, I returned the way I had come and headed back to the guild.





T/N: The weekend was very productive! Enjoy the extra chapters.



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