Appraiser's Job Chapter 9: Looking for a Weapon


“Well then, Mr. Hansel. Thanks for the hard work today.”


“Same to you Little Io, thanks for the hard work. I hope tomorrow will be a good day as well.”


Evening. Having finished all my work for the adventurer’s guild, I headed toward a certain place.


“Good evening. Is the guild master in?”


“Oh. Aren't you Mr. Io from the adventurers guild?”


That place I had mentioned was here, the blacksmith’s guild. As the name suggests, this was the guild people went to in order to find a craftsman that could forge weapons and armor out of ore.


I was welcomed at the counter by the Guild Master, Voss Rye. The man had the bearing of a master blacksmith, a quick glance revealed his robust muscles through his workman's clothes.


“It's rare for you to come here,” he said.


“I have a few things I need to take care of.”


“What is it? Is it serious?” Mr. Voss Rye asked, as he bent his head and stared intently at my face.


I approached the counter and...actually told him my situation.. The adventurer Mr. Larsh requested that I accompany him on an investigation of a dungeon that formed near the city, and I was concerned about what to do in preparation for that.


With my explanation finished, Mr. Voss Rye folded his arms and nodded his head in understanding. “In other words, you're looking for a weapon suitable for dungeon exploration?”


I had already spoken with the sewing guild about getting my defenses in order. Besides, when it comes to being prepared, I need a weapon to defend myself, don't you agree?


I’m nervous about handling a weapon. It would be nice if I had a good sword that even people like me could use it.


“Something like...that which even an amature like me can wield, alright?”


“In that case, wait a moment.” Mr. Voss Rye slipped out from behind the counter and disappeared into the back of the guild.


I waited for only a brief moment.


He came back with a sword and placed it on the countertop. “This sword is something produced by our blacksmith guild.”


“Anyhow, it’s characteristically light, and perfectly suited for the fresh adventurer.”


The length of the blade was between that of a short sword and a longsword. The hilt had no special decorations, resulting in a simple appearance. However, in order to make the hilt easier to grip, a non-slip cloth was wrapped around it.


Testing his claims, I lifted up the sword. It was certainly as Mr. Voss Rye had said, the sword was truly lighter than I could imagine. It felt very similar to the fake metal swords kids would play with. With how light it was, even I could wield it.


“Is it good?”


“Well, it’s a prototype.”

So it’s not a reliable product? Just so, for the me right now, this level of weapon is acceptable. It’s best I not hold a grand sword that’ll become nothing but an unused possession.


Mr. Voss Rye suggested 300 galleons for it. That’s an unprecedented price for a weapon. And so, I paid the cost and received the sword.


I lacked a scabbard for my new blade, but I’ll think about that later.


“When you get back from the dungeon, please let me know how you like the sword.”


“Yes. Thank you.”


With the sword in one hand, I left the blacksmith’s guild. I didn’t think I could buy such a good thing. I’m grateful for Mr. Voss Rye.


I immediately set out to procure a dedicated scabbard for the sword. I wondered where the appropriate place to go would be.


In any event, isn’t there another artisan guild, the leatherworking guild, around here? I hope I can find something suitable there.


I looked up at the sky which had grown completely dark, I took a deep breath and refocused myself.


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