The Devil's Evolution Catalog Chapter 117: Unpredictable Matters

While that story was slightly far-fetched, it actually happened to Moranthal. As if to prove that fact, right after he told his tale, he let forth a hysterical wail aimed right at our resident verbal artillery, Dioh.


“Her heart isn’t even with me anymore, is there even any point of snatching her back!? Go ahead, tell me! Why won’t you tell me!? Aren’t you full of ideas!? Tell me then!” Having cried his heart out, I clearly saw a sheen of moisture at the sides of his eyes as he raised his head. As they say, a man’s tears was never lightly shed; looks like this time he was truly despondent.




In the end, Dioh proved to be a brat with a slightly formidable tongue. While he was busy shooting his mouth off, he had never once considered that there might be such an explosive secret behind Moranthal’s behavior. In his eyes, the man must’ve been a coward and that’s why he lost his the end, well…


At the side, Dioh could only keep his mouth shut as he took in the shocking revelation.


Who would’ve thought that the man who everyone thought had his fiancee stolen by bandits was in actuality, just a complete failure. His failure was even more tragic than having one’s fiancee kidnapped. After all, your opponent had never even thought about kidnapping your fiancee...the man had lost before the competition even started.


Based on what we know from his retelling, Dawson had never once come onto Elona, it was Elona who took the initiative instead. In fact, Dawson even tried to give her away at the end, but Elona refused to let go like a piece of chewed up gum; even going so far as to insult her own fiance.


Such a scary woman, she even mastered the art of being a slut without anyone teaching her. Not only had she two-timed him, she had done so in such a cruel fashion. I bet Moranthal might really become impotent after her “can’t get it up” comment.


One word, tragedy. Not only had he lost the woman, he had lost in life as well.


“About that...woman, just let it go.” While they might’ve sounded cliche, these were the only words of consolation George could think of. “Don’t give up the entire forest for a tree.”


“...” Moranthal gave him a cold stare and remained silent. Even so, his expression said it all; this was a stubborn man. As expected, after a few seconds of silence, Moranthal stated his terms: “You want me to help you guys? Alright, all you have to do is introduce to me a woman who’ll never betray me, I’ll gladly help you then.”


“...” The heck, you might as well ask for the sun while you’re at it! I’m not saying that every woman was a two-timing slut, but exactly how were we to know if she’s going to betray you before it happens? That’s just another “did the chicken or the egg come first" question.


Speaking of which, I didn’t think it was possible rule out such a possibility no matter who it was; unless they were so ugly that even a mother wouldn’t love them. Perhaps that’s the answer about we find an ugly freak for him. But then, this high and mighty prick would probably reject a girl who was born ugly.


“Stop messing around Moranthal. Can we have a proper conversation instead?” Said George with an exasperated look on his face.


“What do you mean messing around? I gave you a very serious term. As long as you find me such a woman, even just a look is fine, I guarantee I’ll help you.”


As he said that, his sombre face almost made me wonder if he was being serious about that.


“I don’t see how that is serious in any way. All I see is a man giving into despair.” George rejected him with a shake of his head. “Perhaps this episode was too much of a shock for you, but your life’s just beginning. You shouldn’t destroy it for a woman that doesn’t belong to you…”


“A fortunate man like you would never understand how I feel!” His face flushed and his neck veins bulged as he spat out that sentence, his spittle flew all over as he did so. In what looked like another tantrum, he continued ranting:


“All I want now is just a woman that won’t betray me. Even if that woman doesn’t like me, I’m fine with that, I can still pursue her. I won’t even mind if she was ugly, all I want is love...a pure unadulterated romance...why...why must it be me...why…”


You mean why, with so many people in this world, did it have to be you who got hurt?


Regarding George’s view that he had given into despair, I’m in complete agreement with that. This guy was done for. In his eyes, George’s normal marriage must’ve made him seem like the legendary winner in other words, he had already labelled George as a rival of sorts. After all, there was no way us singles-for-life could coexist with these winners in life.


In the face of this disappointing display, George gave me a slightly exasperated look before asking in a tone that sounded like he was seeking my opinion while at the same time complaining. “We might have to move onto the next village.”


“Alright then, our time is precious after all.” This was the first time I had spoken since we met Moranthal. By now, I had basically given up on recruiting this lost cause.


Exactly how did a fine young man like him turn into such a mess? Not only did he give George a headache, he annoyed the heck out of me as well. How could a grown man like you give up so easily?! Exactly how did you live up to this point with that weak will of yours?


You even had the gall to ask “why” three times. I should ask you instead, why weren’t you taking up arms with us and taking revenge on Dawson and that slut!? Don’t you think that a whore like her deserves to have her life ruined?!


Either way, this guy’s a lost cause and we don’t have the time to dick around in this village anymore.


And yet as I finished my mental rant, the situation took an unexpected turn.


Moranthal’s head whipped up to face me, his burning eyes threatening to bore a hole in my mask as he stared intently at me. That gaze...did he always have such a scary gaze?


“Excuse me, do you mind taking off that mask of yours?” What was a disappointing meat sack just a while ago suddenly did a 180 as he flashed me a slightly reserved and shy smile. “Err, I don’t have any ill intentions, I just want to see your face.”


Wait, something’s wrong, why is this meat sack showing such an interest in me all of a sudden? I better be careful about how I reply to him: “I apologize but that request is too hard for me to fulfill.”


“Can you tell me the reason?”


In the face of his persistent badgering, I gave out the answer we had prepared long beforehand: “Because of a failed magical experiment, my face was horribly disfigured.”


“ such a shame...” He muttered to himself with a tone full of regret, yet amidst that dejectedness was a hint of elation and celebration. “However, your voice is really beautiful...”


“Let’s move onto the next village, every second is precious right now!” I promptly cut him short with my suggestion which immediately garnered the approval of George. Understanding the severity of our situation, Kevin and Dioh accepted our decision without complaint. Yet a certain meat sack wasn’t too thrilled about this.


“Err, Miss Mo Ke, if you don’t mind, would you like to stay for a quick bite tonight?”


...that annoying look of his and what do you mean “Miss Mo Ke”?!


“Which eye of yours was it that lied about my gender?! I’m a bonafide man, more so than you!” That’s right, I’m more manly than you. At the very least, I won’t allow some strange man to stay beside Nicole.


“...” He was startled by my sudden outburst but immediately recovered a couple of seconds later. With the same reserved grin on his face, he said: “There’s no way you’re man with that exquisite voice of yours. Stop joking around.”


“In what way do I look like a girl!”


As I said that, the meat sack actually gave me a serious assessment with those nightmarishly creepy eyes of his; which gave me the goosebumps just knowing he was looking at me. As he stared at me with a gaze that seemed to be able to see through my mask, I felt an unprecedented level of pressure from his evaluating eyes.


After staring at me for a long while, he nodded and flashed a brilliant smile: “ Whether it is your voice or your body, there’s no way Miss Mo Ke is anything but a lady, in fact if your face were to ever recover, I’m sure you’ll be drop dead gorgeous!”


You’re courting death! I swear I’ll kill you, I...I’ve just been mistaken for female again!! Even with my mask on, my displeasure was apparent for all who knew me. At the side, Ancarin was busy stifling her laughter with both hands covering her mouth.


Ignoring my horrid mood, Moranthal spent a couple of seconds straightening out his clothes in a bid to impress me; even though he seemed more like a cockroach to me right now. Having touched up his clothes to what was, in his mind a satisfactory degree, he gave me that annoying brilliant smile of his and continued with his futile advances.


“Ahem, if Miss Mo Ke doesn’t mind having a meal with me, this one will definitely put forth his best in aiding you against the Wolf’s Fang Troupe!”


After all that the end you’re just trying to da...blergh, disgusting...


Suppressing my sudden desire to kick him, I did my utmost to maintain a calm voice as I explained to him: “I’ll have to pass on that meal, our time is limited after all. If you don’t mind, please organize some men and hurry to Plateau Village as soon as possible.”


“Alright, I’ll do as you say.” A look of regret crossed his face as he took in my rejection. Even so, he gave me an elegant bow and said: “Your wish my command, Miss Mo Ke.”


“Also, don’t call me Miss, I’m a man! You can call me Mister Mo Ke or just Mo Ke is fine. Just don’t call me Miss, got it?!”


“Yes, I understand it perfectly, so I’ll address you as Lady Mo Ke from now on?”


You bast*rd...I’ll kill you!


Seeing me lose my temper, the ever vigilant Ancarin immediately stepped in to pull me aside: “Master, don’t act rashly, remember your status!”


The word status might’ve sounded to the others like a reminder for me to watch my image(feminine), but to me, it was a reminder not to forget about my devilish identity.


Truth be told, this whole mess between the Wolf’s Fang and Plateau Village was something I didn’t have to stick my hand into. However, seeing as it started because of us, I had to stay even if it was merely to take responsibility. Thus, here we were, standing side by side with the villagers in their time of need. Not like George would have had it any other way….


Even if I hadn’t volunteered Regine to stay behind, I bet George would’ve found some way to make one of us stay behind.



Special thanks to Steve Granger, Kaung Thant Win Naing, and Antoine Thompson!!


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