The Devil's Evolution Catalog Chapter 144: Conclusion Part 3

In the end, the whole fiasco concluded with Ancarin and Regine being allowed to stay behind. However, the two girls themselves didn’t stay in the village. With the help of Moranthal and Dioh, they built a small wooden house near the the village to live in.


As a way of repaying Mo Ke’s sacrifices for the village, the female villagers would often send over supplies and chat with them. Naturally, there were male villagers who visited them as well. They were after all, single and beautiful girls. It wasn’t a surprise that they had their fair share of suitors.


The ex-prostitutes who were saved by Mo Ke would visit the girls at fixed intervals, and at the same time, they would pray for the safety of their benefactor. As for Regine...she was just as stone cold as before towards everyone except for Mo Ke and Ancarin, of who she would reveal a sliver of emotion from time to time.


Regarding Gaywitz’s failure to kill Mo Ke, while he was disturbed by the failure, he didn’t think too much about it and simply chalked it up to bad luck instead of his excessive showboating.


Having returned to Azure City, the first thing Gaywitz did was send away that girl, Samantha. While her lead didn’t result in a kill in the end, it was accurate. Thus, he generously gave her a princely sum of one hundred gold coins as a reward for her information, and expressed his interest in buying any further information should she come across any.


While the greedy prostitute didn’t end up getting what she wanted, she didn’t dare to doubt Gaywitz either. Instead, she tried to invite the demon hunter team leader to dinner in a bid to find a new sugar daddy. Unfortunately for her, Gaywitz wasn’t the least bit interested in her advances and summarily dismissed the girl.


Seeing as his failure was due to luck, at least it was in his mind, he wasn’t willing to give up on the hunt and tried to approach Nicole. Since she was the only one who understood that song, he deduced that the pair must have had some relationship. Yet, this pursuit didn’t end up as smooth sailing as he had expected.


Nicole’s master, in other words, the headmistress of the warrior academy, stopped the man from meeting Nicole. Her reason was that the freshman’s competition was about to start and she didn’t want Nicole to be distracted. Naturally, this ridiculous reason was rejected by Gaywitz. How could a paltry freshman competition compare to news about a dual-sin anointed apostle?!


Yet, whether it was ridiculous or not, he was immediately taught a lesson by the headmistress’ fists about what the phrase “not listening to your elders will end up biting you in the butt” meant.


Nicole had never heard the song sung by the reincarnated Mo Ke, but she more than anyone else knew that there was no one else in the entire Western Human Realms who knew Chinese except for Mo Ke and herself. Unless...he decided to teach someone else.


Gaywitz’s previous visit didn’t give her too much information regarding this subject, but her sharp instincts immediately picked up on several clues. Seeing as it was the demon hunters who approached her, then this matter must’ve involved devils in some way. In that case, who was the person that sang the song and what was her relationship to Mo Ke?


Nicole wanted to track down this mysterious singer but was unfortunately stopped by the headmistress.


Her headmistress was a ravishing beauty whose looks captured the hearts of numerous men. At a glance, she looked like a woman approaching her thirties yet her real age was actually 67. With a head of long, flowing, white hair and a beautiful but cold face, she looked like an otherworldly immortal.


Her almost boyish long robes would reveal a pair of shapely and perfect thighs as she walked through the academy. On her waist was an exquisitely decorated longsword that seemed more like a work of art than a killing machine.


“Master, Nicole wishes to…”




She stepped in front of the girl cutting off her route out of the training room. Her beautiful yet icy face had an expression on it that clearly said no as she continued: “The competition is about to start, your mission right now is to focus on your training and not be distracted by other matters.”




Nicole wanted to say something else but she was interrupted right away as the first word left her mouth.


“Master knows that you wish to look for your younger brother, but how will you even look for him by yourself? Just let Master handle this matter for you, Master will expend all the resources at her disposal to find your little brother. His name is Mo Ke right?”


“Is that true?!”


Originally, she had resolved herself to search for Mo Ke alone but who knew that her master would actually offer to help herself instead. She was well aware of her master’s special status in Azure City and even in the whole of Tarnia. As long as she was willing to help, finding Mo Ke was only a matter of time.


Of course, all this was assuming that he was still in Tarnia…


“Mhm, as long as you obtain one of the top five positions in the upcoming competition, Master will definitely fulfill her promise.”


“That’s great, I won’t let you down Master!”


With that promise in hand, she happily left for her sword practise. This was one of the rare occasions she smiled ever since Mo Ke left home. Only in front of her Master and Roscar would she throw them a forced smile from time to time.


Staring at her beloved disciples happy figure, she let out a helpless sigh. Having stopped that boorish team leader just now, she gleaned a great deal of information from the man. In her view, that boy Mo Ke was probably not coming back. However, in order not to influence her disciple’s future, she made the ruthless decision to lie to least for the time being. Such matters could be left for the future.


Having sent away Nicole, the headmistress returned to her office once more. Normally she wouldn’t have to waste her time on such petty matters, but today was an exception. Just a few minutes ago, she received word from the Demon Hunter Division that their branch leader in Azure was about to visit.


After waiting for a while in her office, a thirty-odd year old man man walked into the room dressed in a blueish white attire that looked like it belonged to some wandering swordsman. On the man’s waist hung a thin, longsword. Perhaps it would be more accurate to call it a straight blade.


The man had a dashing appearance and an aura that made him seem like a cut above the masses. His long black hair was tied up in a neat ponytail behind his almost expressionless face. However, looking carefully one could notice a slight smile on the man’s face; the kind which naturally attracted people’s favor.


Just as the wanderer-esque man stepped into the room, the headmistress curtly cut the man off and questioned him with a slightly displeased look on her face: “Clear Water Mirror, don’t you have something better to do than visit me?”


In the face of her obvious dissatisfaction, the man didn’t mind it one bit and merely shrugged his shoulders while adopting a relaxed posture. “Thousand Snow Crystal, don’t give me that look right at the start, I’ve come here on serious business after all.”


“You have something to discuss with me?” The headmistress asked with a cold laugh. “Don’t tell me you’ve come here because of that boorish subordinate of yours? When did the branch leader of the Demon Hunters Division become so free all of a sudden?”


“Hah, are you talking about Gaywitz? Sorry to disappoint you but I’m not here because of that boy. He needs a good thrashing from time to time. No, I’m here for more important matters.” Wiping off that mischievous smile on his face, he shrugged his shoulders once more and said:


“Not too long ago, the prophets in our branch received a prophecy. A prophecy that states that the devil who sang that song in an unknown language a week ago was going to destroy our world.”


“...” Thousand Snow Flowers gave a cold harrumph. “Is this some kind of bad joke?”


“It’s true.” As he said that, his face turned solemn. “It’s because this matter is so important that I had to make this trip personally. I’m hoping you’ll be able to provide me with some clues.”


“What kind of clues can I possibly have?”


“You don’t but your beloved disciple does.”


“She doesn’t as well.” Seeing as this involved the fate of the world, she dropped her hostile tone as she seriously explained her answer to the man: “My disciple doesn’t recognize that devil as well. In truth, she is also looking for that devil, as for the reason...I’m sure you already know of it. If your subordinate wasn’t lying, that devil should be in Hell right now.”


“Is there really no other way? For example a summoning medium of some sort?”


Wearing a look that seemed like she was looking at an idiot, she snapped at the foolish man with eyebrows raised: “We haven’t even seen the person, how do you expect to find a summoning medium!?”


“But the prophecy…”


“That’s enough, how much trouble can a three-star cause? I bet your prophets must’ve suffered some kind of brain damage otherwise they wouldn’t have made such a silly prophecy.”


“Well, I feel that fellow is rather unreliable as well...mhm, I must be worrying too much. Clear Water Mirror let out a helpless sigh but tried one last time to get his way. “Will you ever let me see that beloved disciple of yours?”


“Sure, but that will only be after the freshman competition.” Thousand Snow Flowers continued with an additional term: “Of course, that’s under the condition that you gift that sword of yours to my disciple.”


“Haha, alright, I’ll get someone to send the sword over tomorrow.”


With the terms settled, he left the room with a broad smile on his face.


As he stepped out of the room, the smile swiftly vanished as he tightened his fists and muttered in a voice that only he could hear: “The destruction of the world...haha...hell huh…”


Having sent off the man, she was about to resume her training when her servant suddenly rushed into the room and brought her an explosive piece of news.


“Emergency! Young Master is acting up for some reason and is going on about killing the Third Prince…”




In the Prison of the Dead…


Ever since Mo Ke was inexplicably sent off to the human world, Violet Snow would periodically keep watch over the area Mo Ke disappeared from. This watch ended up lasting over a month.


It wasn’t a particularly long wait, but it was a wait that gradually wore down on her patience. Out of sheer boredom, she crafted a tiny igloo nearby; later only to find herself bored once more as she rolled her eyes at it. How boring…


At her side, Mo En’s little granddaughter would pace back and forth around her while staring intently at the tiny igloo. She desperately wanted to step on it when the little puppy wasn’t looking, but unfortunately for her, her clumsy attempt was immediately discovered. Having been in an irate mood already, she slapped her tiny little paws against the floor and created an ice prison out of thin air, locking up the mischievous little devil.


“Hey, Little White Doggie, why did you lock this one up!? Release this one immediately! Hmph, so you don’t want to release me!? This one can still tele…”


As a primal demon, she had the innate ability to control the space around her and teleport a short distance. However, despite multiple attempts, she failed to teleport out of the cage; which was to be expected. While she had the appearance of a little devil, she was still nothing more than a newborn baby and naturally couldn’t control her powers well.


“ annoying, why can’t this one teleport out of this cage…” Having failed to extricate herself, she began to run around the enclosed area in an anxious fit. Unfortunately for her, this tiny cage was only large enough to fit her body. With each spin, her wings would slam against the icy pillar…




Squatting down, she turned around to inspect her wings for injuries with a miserable look on her face. She glared at the bored puppy for a long while and...nothing happened.


Violet Snow glanced emotionlessly at Mimiya and said: “You’d better behave yourself or else...”


“Or else what, what do you think you can do! Don’t forget, this one still has a grandpa!” While her voice wasn’t particularly threatening, the meaning behind her words were clear: don’t mess with me or I’ll get my grandpa to bite you!


Just as Violet Snow was about to return her a ‘whatever’, a tiny rift in space began to form nearby as space itself began to bend. A moment later, a black hooded figure bearing a two meter long black sword on his back appeared before the pair…the figure was lying down as he made his appearance…



Special thanks to Steve Granger, Kaung Thant Win Naing, and Antoine Thompson!!


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