The Devil's Evolution Catalog Chapter 83: Numila. Blaze {Draft}

The sudden change in behavior caught me off guard, barely allowing me to time react before I was accosted by the two perverts...thankfully, I had a clear idea of what caused this unusual change in the four potatoes; it’s that strange chorus.


Even though we all heard the same chorus, they were visibly more affected by it than I was. From the looks of it, I had some kind of immunity to this psychic attack. But, the issue is how to bring these four back to their senses...damn it...they are touching me there…


In just a few seconds, I was pushed down onto the floor by the two, a giant wolf and the other a giant snake…


This fetish is a little too much for me…


With my hands and feet bound by them, the only thing I could move was my...mouth! That’s it, I can still sing my songs! Since the other party was able to control their psyche with sound, it should be the same for my songs as well. Either way, I have no better choice at this moment so I might as well do it.


But what should I sing...with this wolf and snake assaulting me, I can barely that case, I’ll do what those harpies did and just vocalize the emotions with sounds rather than words.


With that in mind, I opened my mouth and moaned with the same “ah~~~ah~~~” vocals the harpies used. However, the four potatoes didn’t seem to react to it at all and continued with their business. Perhaps the sound wasn’t loud enough? I increased the volume even more but it still didn’t work…


Don’t tell me I’m going to lose my virginity like this? Noooo...even if it’s not with Nicole, at least make my first partner a proper human girl. Other races are fine as well but at least make it an elf or even a lust demon...why must it be these two barely humanoid females...demon waifus and such are perfect just the way they are...2D. As for the 3D world...they aren’t that cute here.


“Wahh~~~~~wah~~~~why is my life so miserable...wah~~~”


I began sobbing uncontrollably as the despair finally set in. Tears flowed down my eyes as I bemoaned my fate. Suddenly, I noticed that something was off. The pair of perverts weren’t accosting me anymore?!


“What’s...why are you crying?” Habona shook her lupine head as if she was shaking a load off. “Why does my head feel so heavy…”


“Me too.” The two of them had managed to free themselves from the control of the harpies but Manasha seemed a lot more beaten up than Habona.


At the other side, Harlow and Majosha came back to their senses as well, as they looked at us and then at their own entwined state, the two shameless fellows immediately least one of them did. I couldn’t see if Harlow’s face was red as well due to his fur, but I sensed his embarrassment just the same…


“Exactly happened to us? What have we been doing…” Memories of the recent events began trickling back to her head.


“That should’ve been the chorus of the harpies, their combined voices have the ability to bewitch others. While their individual voices aren’t able to affect us, it’s a different matter if they combined into a thousand strong chorus.”


“Lucky for us, we had this lust demon with us. Her being a soul bard ended up saving us from their mental domination.” Habona said as she turned to me with a smile, clearly happy about her choice to drag me along.


Harlow threw this nightmarish place one more look but hurriedly turning to Habona. “Sis, let’s get out of here already, I don’t want to stay here any longer…”


“Don’t worry,’s all over, we’ll leave right away.” Sensing the mental trauma of her lover, she stepped forth and comforted him with another hug. She gently stroke his back and placated him: “It’s alright now...we can go home now...don’t worry…”


Such a shameless display of PDA is wrong! And don’t you feel ashamed of yourself for being such a wimp! I scorn you!


As abruptly as it began, the harpies’ chorus ended without any warning; they must’ve noticed that I had dispelled their mental domination.


“They’ve probably realized that their plan has failed. They should be gathering outside right now to block us. We need to break through their blockade as soon as possible.



Habona immediately assumed the role of a big sister and offered to take on the hardest role by herself. “Majosha, you’re in charge of protecting Harlow, I’ll lead the charge, Lust’re too slow so Manasha will look after you.”


“If no one has any objections with this then let’s head out.”




Unknowingly, we were swept up by her confident aura and ended up following her orders unquestioningly. Seeing this, she didn’t waste anymore time and took off in a violent burst of speed. As she charged ahead, the other two medusas went about their task as well.


Harlow was significantly taller than Majosha and so she had to hug him with both of her hands as she slithered behind. As for Manasha, she placed me on her back similar to a piggyback and slithered behind the charging werewolf as fast as she could.


At our blazing speed, it didn’t take long for the trio to reach the borders of the harpy nest. As I laid on top of her back, I peered at the harpy blockade in front of us. Surprisingly, they weren’t flying when we first arrived but were all gathered on the ground,


These repulsive birdwomen immediately took to the air upon noticing our arrival, blotting out the entire ceiling of the maze in an impressive but deadly display of claw and feathers,


Being a creature capable of flight, these harpies naturally didn’t require stairs in their nest. However, as land-bound creatures, we had no such luxury and that meant only one thing...we had to jump down in order to leave the nest.


Habona barely paid their show of force any heed, she turned around to check on us one last time before leaping off the 15meter wall without a second though.


What the f*ck, sister, that’s a 15 meter wall for crying out loud...a gund*m is only 20 meters...err, I mean that’s as tall as a five storey building! Hey hey…why are you jumping off as well...I’m still not ready for thiiiisss…


Shortly after that, Manasha leaped off the bone cliff as well.


Having left the ground, we were completely exposed to aerial attacks due to our lack of wings. Taking advantage of this, the harpies immediately rushed in, claws first. However, Habona was already prepared for this scenario.


She calmly grabbed onto the wings of an attacking harpy, breaking her fall slightly as the harpy desperately tried to stay afloat with one wing. The harpy furious flapped her remaining wing but that didn’t change her doomed fate one bit.


Another harpy swooped in in the meantime, determined to claw at the back of this hateful werewolf. As unfazed as ever, Habona nonchalantly batted away the cunning harpy with the makeshift club she had just attained. The two birds collided into each other with a sickening crunch. They screeched one last time before falling lifelessly towards the ground with their eyes glazed over.


However, this violent display of power wasn’t enough to deter the other birdwomen. Just as they saw Habona’s bird hammer leave her hands, another pair of harpies swooped in to claw at her. With nothing left to aid her, it looked like that was the end for Habona.


Or so I thought. As the two birds closed in on her, she used one of the falling harpies as a stepping board and leaped off gracefully as if she was a qinggong expert from one of those wuxia novels. She vaulted away from the pair and onto an unsuspecting harpy a short distance away.


...How vicious. Not only did she evade what I thought was an unavoidable blow, she even found a new bird hammer...


It was at this moment that Habona transformed from a normal wolf into a flying demonic werewolf. As she savagely clubbed at the harpies with their own comrade, she would grab onto another harpy’s wing, refilling her stock of bird hammers while simultaneously slowing down her descent.


As she plummeted down the 15 meter drop, so did the number of harpies. With each passing second, the screeching in the air grew softer and softer as the blood rain grew ever denser. Seconds later, she landed gracefully atop a pool of blood and feathers. Judging from the height of that corpse mountain, there must’ve been nearly ten harpies piled on beneath her…


Such a strong aura of murder…


Thanks to her savagery, Manasha and Majosha experienced a relatively uneventful descent. The only issue they faced was that they had carry another passenger while jumping off. In order to compensate for the additional bit of weight, each of them commandeered a carrier harpy with a whip of their snake tails.


As the scaly appendage coiled around their bodies, the harpies furiously flapped their wings in a bid to stay airborne. Thanks to their hard work, our descent ended up being significantly softer.


Upon landing, the first thing we did was to kill off these “saviors” of ours.




With everyone accounted for, Habona took the lead once more in clearing the way for us. Even in the face of the numerous harpies swooping in on her from the sky, her savagery wasn’t slowed down one bit. With each swipe of her claws, a tiny mountain of meat was raked into her palms as she effortlessly ripped through the harpies.


Behind her, the medusas didn’t skimp on their poison spits either. With each step we took, the air echoed with the tortured cries of harpies having their flesh gouged out or melted. It didn’t take long for the harpies to begin avoiding us. As our backs slowly faded into the distance, all they did was stare, none of them daring to move a muscle.


To think our daring attack on their nest would end so smoothly. As expected, four-stars were truly the lords of the Prison of the Dead. Not only did these three barge into their headquarters, they even scared them into submission!


However, just as I thought that the coast was clear, Habona abruptly leaped backwards and shouted “Stop”.


*Bang* A loud explosion echoed from the very spot she leaped off just a second ago. In its place was the fiery remains of a fireball, ominously crackling in the air as it painted the ground black.


“Show yourself!” She landed squarely on feet and tossed a look in the direction of the fireball’s trajectory.


Right at the end of that path was a 1.7m tall humanoid descending from the ceiling. She had a voluptuous humanoid figure that was covered in a luxurious coat of feathers. Except for her limbs which had claws instead of hands, every other part of her body resembled a human’s.


Her face could only be described as mesmerizing. It was delicately exquisite and had a older sister vibe to it.


Her crimson hair flowed down her shoulders up till her waist, accentuated by her pearly white teeth and skin, her hair radiated like a brilliant sun. With a pair of fiery red wings on her back, she almost looked like an angel of fire, if you didn’t count the feathers on her body.


If it wasn’t for those feathers covering the dangerous mountains on her chest, I would’ve had to scorn her like the medusas.


“Numila. Blaze.” She swept her gaze over us and finally settled on Habona; “What’s yours? Oh mighty werewolf.”


ED: Cat here, I'm sorta back, currently working on building a new WordPress based website since wix is giving us and everyone else cancer. So I can only speed proofread at the moment. Chapters will remain as drafts for a few weeks more until I am done then I will go back and clean them all up.


Special thanks to Steve Granger!!


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