The Devil's Evolution Catalog Chapter 85: Mo En {Draft}

Even though I said that...after giving it some though, I don’t think I can actually beat her even if I tried...errr, just wait till I finish cultivating my godlike techniques, I’ll get you then. For now, I’ll let you off. Be grateful for my benevolence, bird woman!


Having to deal with that flying bast*rd once more, Habona was in a notably foul mood, “Hey you, don’t tell me you’re here to pick another fight?”


Numila peered at me with narrowed eyes, clearly interested as her mouth broke into a smirk: “I’m just here to determine the identity of the soul bard. However, if we are still on opposing sides the next time we meet, I’ll be the first to kill you.”


“...” Now that’s harsh...aren’t you wasting that beautiful face of yours…


“Don’t worry, as long as I’m here, you won’t be able to lay finger on her.”


Habona put me back on the ground after which I immediately ran to her back. This bird lady’s gaze was simply too piercing and she even wanted to kill me...should I seek protection from Habona? But that mat of black fur though...I think I’ll just pass on it.  


“Hmm, why don’t you just try it then.”


Numila’s body instantly heated up and started radiating scorching heat waves. Just by standing near her made me feel cooked.


“The defeated shouldn’t act so arrogantly!” With a kick of her feet, she shot into air, dispersing the heat as she hurtled right at the flying harpy.


“What did you say!” She shouted defiantly, her body erupting in a blinding flame that blocked her from my view. All I heard was her furious shouting. “I was just careless the last around. This time I’ll show you who is the real loser!”


These two habaneros were just so temperamental...


Previously, Numila ended up losing because of that surprise attack by Habona’s tail; what should’ve been a weak point turned out to be a deadly weapon and caused her sneak attack to backfire.


This time, things were different, the same tactic won’t work on her. Furthermore, she had confirmed that while Habona was stronger than her, her speed was inferior to her own especially since she had the ability to fly. This was a massive advantage against the land-bound Habona, one which she intended to make use of right now as she pelted the werewolf with long range attacks.


First were simple fireballs, next came the fire serpents, fire whips and even a flame shower. As the two fought, the destruction they wrought became even more widespread and heated up. Several passing undead ended up getting caught the crossfire and were instantly reduced to ashes to by stray fireballs, soul flames and all…


“Are you about done? How about coming down for a fair fight!!”


“So it’s unfair just because you can’t hit me? How stupid do you think I am to give up on my advantage of flight? You’re mad if you think I’ll do so just to engage in a melee fight with you.”


“Damn it! Despicable b*tch, DIE!”


“The one who should die is you!”


“Roasted chicken!”




By now, Habona had been driven insane by the infuriating fire attacks of the harpy. Not only was she unable to hit her, she even got burned trying to do so. No matter how she tried to attack, Numila was able to evade by a hair’s breath thanks to her wings.


“Errr, Harlow, is your sister going to be...alright?” By now, we were slightly concerned about our safety. After all, she was the strongest in our temporary party. If we were to get swarmed by harpies while she was engaged, the two medusas alone would have difficulty protecting us two baggages.


“Don’t worry, Sis isn’t as frenzied as you think she is. While we can’t turn into humans thanks to our overwhelming rage, this doesn’t mean that we are controlled by our rage. She might look frenzied now, but she will definitely come back to her senses when the situation arises, barring any exceptional circumstances.”


As I was his benefactor, Harlow’s attitude was noticeably respectful. Even his fiancee, Majosha had become significantly friendlier.


“You’re sure about that?”


This was her third attempt at hitting Numila. Despite her frenzied and reckless attacks, Numila’s flight ability was proving too difficult for her to handle. With her impressive agility and command over fire, as long as she didn’t stay stay too close to Habona, Numila’s position was nigh assailable.


“If she really can’t win, we should join in the fight.” She said this while staring intently at the ongoing battle. She coldly threw out a suggestion, “My snake hairs should be able to hit her from this distance.”


“Don’t forget about me, my accuracy rate is pretty high with my snake hairs.” Majosha chimed in, agreeing with her sister’s suggestion.


“...maybe you shouldn’t.” Would she be alright with our interference though? From the looks of it, she must’ve been the prideful type who didn’t want anyone to interfere in her fight.


“No!” Harlow anxiously cut in. “Sis is really particular about a match’s fairness. If you stepped in now, she would be furious.”


“Are you sure she isn’t furious already?” She smirked as she pointed at the female werewolf who had been on the losing end since the beginning. “She seems to be on the verge of losing it.”


“It’s a totally different matter. Right now, she’s still in her normal state. Once she gets angered to the limit...she wouldn’t even able to recognize me…” Harlow shrunk inwards as he said this as if he had remembered a traumatic experience. After a few seconds of silence, he finally broke out of his recollection with a head full of sweat. He hastily persuaded them not to interfere in the fight.


“Fine, she’s your sister.” Manasha waved her tail dismissively and crossed her arms, ready to watch the show from the sidelines.


Majosha, on the other hand was significantly more concerned. She was Harlow’s sister after all. Once Majosha marries into the family, that sister would be her kin as well.


“Harlow, are you sure your sister will be fine?”


“Don’t worry, she hasn’t shown her true powers yet.” He said confidently in what could be an attempt at assuring Majosha or a show of confidence for his sister.


As we were discussing this matter, Habona leaped into the air once more and attacked Numila. Unfortunately, the harpy merely dodged it with a flap of her wings. With a wave of her hands, she launched a fire serpent, engulfing the furry werewolf in crimson flames.


In the face of this aerial attack, all she could do was fall helplessly to the ground. Aerial battles weren’t her forte after all. She roused the mana in her body and dispersed the scorching flames. However, this came a little too late as a section of her fur ended up getting singed black.


“My beautiful beautiful bast*rd!” Her eyes turned bloodshot as if they were about to bleed. Her damaged fur had stirred her anger even more.


“That ugly lump of fur? Even if it wasn’t singed black, it’s still ugly as sh*t at the best of times. Plus…” In a professional display of heckling, she waved her hands in front of her nose as if there was an odor lingering around, “With that stench of yours, I would die from suffocation even without you lifting a finger. Meat-eaters are such a smelly bunch.”


“I smell?” She gave herself a sniff. Having noticed nothing, she bellowed in anger: “...not like you don’t eat meat.”


Isn’t it normal to be unable to smell the odor on yourself…


Judging from the roiling black mana around her, she must’ve been truly furious.


“That’s right, I only feed on souls.” She smugly replied.


Habona: “...”


Based on this conversation, it almost sounded like she was of a higher grade than Habona…


“Ahhhh! That’s it, I’m definitely going to kill you now!”


“The one who is going to die is you!”


With that, the halted battle resumed once more.


“Oh, isn’t this an exciting scene.” Just as the two potatoes started fighting. A frivolous drawl barged into the scene, capturing the attention of everyone present. The previously heated battle ended up stopping abruptly.


Following that voice, I turned around and saw what had to be the most hideous looking red imp I had ever seen in my short life, bouncing around the corner. As for why he did so, it wasn’t that his leg was injured, instead it was a strange swagger born out of his sense of superiority.


It was as if this barely one meter tall potato was a rich kid with a dad called Li Gang… (


Without showing any self-consciousness, the small imp flashed us a stupid smile and said : “The weather’s pretty good today, are you ladies having fun here?”


“Mo En!” x5


Mo En? Mo En...don’t tell me this mini potato is Mo En!


Even though I’ve never seen him before, I’ve heard some rumors about him from Habona. He should be a four-star devil with an extremely strong faction under him. It was said that he had over 2,000 devil henchmen and even had a primal lust demon as his lover.


All this time, I assumed that he must be some single horned, winged devil with a ferocious face and a hulking frame. The last thing I expected was to see a midget, with the face of plebeian, an extremely perverted one.


Due to the huge disparity between my mental image and reality, I ended up blurting the first question that came to mind: “This is Mo En? Are you sure it’s not a case of mistaken identity?”


“Do you think that the five of us would make this mistake at the same time?” By now, Habona had already abandoned her fight and darted to my side.


“Mo En, shouldn’t you be in your nest looking after your kids? What are you doing here?”


“A fight between four-stars are a rare sight and so I decided to have a gander.” He eyes narrowed in a lascivious smile as he surveyed us. His eyes swept over the gathered females before finally stopping on me, staring at me intently. I suddenly felt an urge to bash him for giving me that uncomfortable look...but I didn’t dare to do so.


And so, several seconds passed before he finally gave me a gentleman’s bow and said: “This beautiful lust demon, would you happen to know anything about a soul bard appearing nearby?”


Until now, I couldn’t wrap my head around this small imp. His aura was even more domineering than Numila but that appearance of his…


The five of them had simultaneously recognized him as Mo En so there should be some validity in this claim...a low-key attitude is probably best…


“I’m not a lust demon...truth be told, I’m a male. Perhaps your eyes needs to get checked.”


“Huh, you aren’t a succubus?” Before Mo En could even react, Numila abruptly butted in. Ignoring the furious glares of the werewolf beside me, she reached out and grabbed my face, pulling it in various directions. She gave my body a thorough sniffing...even in that area. A minute later, my body had been thoroughly inspected.


She finally withdrew her hands having finished her inspection under the livid gaze of my eyes and threw out a statement.


“You don’t even have a d*ck and you dare to call yourself a male...That’s gotta be funniest joke I’ve heard in my entire life.”




ED: Cat here, I'm sorta back, currently working on building a new WordPress based website since wix is giving us and everyone else cancer. So I can only speed proofread at the moment. Chapters will remain as drafts for a few weeks more until I am done then I will go back and clean them all up.


Special thanks to Steve Granger!!


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