An Existence That Requires Me To Cut a Second Time Doesn't Exist In This World


By: 业舞 (Yè Wǔ)

Merrin: "My wife, Alice, is such a moron. They say the bigger your breasts, the smaller your brains but for some reason, a washboard adventurer like her has no brains as well. All she does all day is pretend to be some warrior of justice even though all she's doing is serving herself up on a platter!"

Alice: "My husband, Merrin, is such a moron, I've said so many times that he has no brains. All this perverted demon king thinks about is ****** and daydream that he's some millionaire whose wealth can rival a country, even though he's nothing but a penniless pleb!"

It all started on that fateful day when Alice met Merrin on the battlefield and he told her:


"From this moment on, your body belongs to me."

"This isn't some request for requisition, neither is this some negotiation, even more so, this isn't some friendship game."

"That's right, this is a kidnapping..."

"My beautiful lady, you've just been shanghaied." (•̀ω•́)✧

Join Merrin, the not-at-all rich demon king and his wife, the equally broke hero as they adventure around in search of money, escort a princess back to her kingdom for money, slay a dragon for money and stop the revival of an ancient kingdom for money.

Watch as Merrin lives the life of a hapless adventurer with no aura or magic who so happens to be completely immune to magic and possesses a quick-draw technique that rivaled the Gods, while living under the "shadow" of his formidable wife?



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