This week will be Devil's Evolution Week. All Grand Xia chapters will be replaced with Devil's Evolution and two Devil's Evolution Patreon chapters will be added on the weekends.

Also, this week will have more World Boss chapters than usual so look forward to it!

I've decided to move Marquis of Grand Xia, Devil's Evo Catalog and The Undying Drama to Fantasy-Books. Till the move is complete on 25th May, there will be no releases from these series. However, there will be a bulk release on that day so look forward to it!

There will also be a new website launch for that group so I'll provide a link then...

Chapter 171 of Devil's Evo has been released.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!

PS: Last reminder, please vote for Devil's Evo on Novelupdates to show your support for it! If there's not enough support for it, I might just pick up another series instead.

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