Chapter 1 of Twin Heroes has been released.

This isn't a main series and won't have a fixed release schedule. Also, future chapters will be split up into 3000 character chunks (the average size of a CN novel chapter) since people automatically filter out novels with less than a certain amount of chapters...

Because of work, I no longer have enough time to translate 3 series. I will refund those who pledged funds this month to the best of my ability.

There will be increased chapters for Devil starting next month. Probably 10-12 chapters a week. More details next month. 10 is the base though.

In the interim, I will build up a stockpile of chapter...

I've decided to move Marquis of Grand Xia, Devil's Evo Catalog and The Undying Drama to Fantasy-Books. Till the move is complete on 25th May, there will be no releases from these series. However, there will be a bulk release on that day so look forward to it!

There will also be a new website launch for that group so I'll provide a link then...

Will be slightly busy these two weeks, so I will release the 12 chapters on weekends instead. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

PS. There's still 11 chapters this week.

Due to real life reasons, I won't have much time to translate this time, I'll be back by the end of the first week of May.

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