Devil C154 and some announcements

C154 of Devil's Evo has been released

Enjoy and thanks for reading our translations.

The reason why the chapters were delayed today (technically yesterday) was because the latest Grand Xia took longer than expected to translate (6 hours+ in fact T_T...battle chapters take a lot of time sometimes.)

I added a preview of sorts for the next day's chapters so tell me what you think of it in Discord. Since the chapter preview eats into the patreon chapter somewhat, I'll add more patreon chapters within the week for each series (mostly devil now).

It is my goal for the patreon chapters to be worth at least 1 dollar per chapter for each series so expect 20 advance chapters per series at the 20 dollar tier over the next few months.

The 1 dollar tier will have 2 chapters per series by the end of the week and perhaps even more by next month?

The 5 dollar tier will have 5 chapters per series minimum and potentially more depending on how many advance chapters are placed in the one dollar tier.

If you would like to contribute to more patreon chapters, feel free to sign up to our patreon. Even one dollar adds to the community goal on the left bar. VIP tiers like the 25 tier will have their own rewards in terms of extra chapters.

Long story short, more patreon chapters will be added over the months till our tiers cost a maximum of 33 cents per extra chapter.

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