Release Schedule Update/Devil Evo dropped?

First off, chapter releases will done in the morning-afternoon instead.

Second, Devil's Evolution Catalog will be bumped down to a secondary series in favor of Marquis of Grand Xia. The reason for this change is because the author, for some strange reason, decided to change the novel from a story about magic/swords/devils to a Sci-fi/slice of life/video games novel(C530+)...

For now, the series will only have 2-3 releases a week till the latest arc has finished (half to 3/4 done by now). I'm not sure if the author intends to keep this change so I'll wait for the duration of one arc.

If he keeps the changes after the end of this arc, I'll abandon the series since I really really don't want to translate a half-baked novel about Sci-fi/slice of life/video games + devils/magic/swords/lolis/harems.

For me at least, devils and the medieval setting form key aspects of this novel. I'm not sure how he plans on reconciling this strange decision later on but I honestly don't see how it can end well.

Long story short, if he abandons this idea after one arc, I'll treat that arc as non-existent and merely summarize it once we get there. If he persists, then Marquis will most probably become our main series.

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