The Undying Drama Chapter 99 P2/3: Sinner


Within the Middle Ring of the Divine Hall where I met with Hilda Karlyle several times prior…


Halfmoon Leak’age was still unconscious on the ground as if he was under the effects of some kind of drug.


Securely restrained to a chair, the colossal Double Seventeen was currently undergoing treatment by Conney for his multitude of cuts.


Standing in the center of the hall as perpetually still as a statue, Hilda Karlyle quietly gazed at the injured sinner. Above her, the light just so happened to pass over her on its path downwards and cast a soft shadow over her that covered her features.


Double Seventeen: Why…

Double Seventeen: I already made up my mind not to commit any acts against God’s edict so why did it end up like this again…


Di Qi Ju: Mister Double Seventeen, are you truly the…

Di Qi Ju: …”Sinner”?


He lifted up his crestfallen face and gazed at my face in an unfocused manner.


Double Seventeen:

Double Seventeen: It’s not what you think...why did I still get found out? Why I can’t just be quietly forgiven?


Di Qi Ju: But...didn’t you just rob Naphier of her wish abilities recently?


Double Seventeen: ...Naphier? Ah...that mechanist…

Double Seventeen: I should be thanking her instead...why would I do that to her…


Hilda Karlyle: ---that’s enough.


She yelled from the center of the room and interrupted our fragmented conversation.


Hilda Karlyle: You’d better start from the very beginning, Double Seventeen.


Double Seventeen: Hah...from the beginning…


He sighed heavily, so heavily it was almost as weighty as his bulky frame.


Double Seventeen: Four years ago, I participated in my first Three Battles. Back then, I wasn’t all that different from you, Di Qi Ju.


Di Qi Ju:


Double Seventeen: I was only slightly older than you then. My body and power, similar to yours, didn’t really garner much attention.


Di Qi Ju: What?


Double Seventeen: The first time I joined the battle of Purity, I quickly realized that this style of fighting suited me the best. However, I wasn’t able to attain a decent ranking and fell outside of the top thirty two…


Double Seventeen: Even though I lost, there was a merchant took interest in me. So he invested a sum on money on me and allowed to perform a Sacred Rite in the Middle Ring to boost my wish points. He wanted to fight again in the future.


Hilda Karlyle: Who was that investor?


Double Seventeen: was Three’floral Dawn from Numbers. His deal with me had nothing to do with this matter, don’t tell you’re trying to implicate him, Lady Clergyman?


Hilda Karlyle: Keep talking.

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