World Boss? No Thanks! 10: There’s Nothing Slime-chan’s Mouth Can’t Swallow!

‘Come to think of it, it has been three days since I entered this game and in spite of that, my body seems to be fine. My thinking isn’t impaired either.’


No matter how I thought about it, that just seemed strange. As a person living in an apartment building, there’s no way anyone would notice that I was unconscious till I died and started to rot. Yet there seemed to be nothing wrong with my body at all.


‘Are you telling me that my soul entered this game and the real life me was actually in a doggy bag already...rotting away somewhere…’


‘No, no, no, that’s just too scary to imagine! I’m still a virgin, I don’t even have a girlfriend!’


‘I don’t want to die, waaaah...girlfriend, where are you?’


‘Before I figure things out, there’s no way I’m letting myself die in this game, absolutely no way!’


Over the past few days, I also made the effort to carefully observe that white deer which almost killed me in one move. Everyday, it basically stood there and only acted within a certain radius around itself. However, should anything enter its radius of activity, it would instantly attack that creature, no questions asked.


Once, I saw a red ant try to pass through its realm. It barely got a leg in before it was sliced in two ---that scared the living daylights out of me when I saw that…


‘That’s just going overboard, you won’t even let an ant go?!’


“Emmm, omoshiroi (interesting)...according to my RPG experience accumulated over countless years, this [Wind Blade]-spamming white deer must be guarding some kind of heavenly treasure! Normally, defeating such fixed monsters would definitely give some kind of reward! Probably…’


‘That’s right, as long as I defeat him, I’ll gain a 100 000-year Soul...whoops, wrong game…’


However, with my current level of power, there was no way in hell I could defeat it. The most I could accomplish was eat a [Wind Blade] then viciously spit a mouthful of phlegm at it before throwing down these terrifying words: “You...just you wait, I dare you to stand there and not move, I’ll be back with more people!” just stood there and then, that was the could I act like such a gangster...


In truth, the moment I discovered that it won’t leave that circle, I actually did that, just to test it...thus, I gained [Slash Resistance] and [Wind Resistance].


After that, I never looked order to increase my proficiency with [Slash Resistance] and [Wind Resistance], I made sure to jump into that circle every day with full HP and then jump out right away…


‘Hey, look at me, I’m in your circle, why don’t you hit me! Hey, I’m out of your circle, why don’t you hit me?!’ Why does this aggravating scene seem so familiar…


‘I swear if I don’t take a [Wind Blade] every day, my body will feel bad! Maybe it’s just my imagination but that white deer seems to be giving me a strange the past, it used to give me a scornful look before firing off a [Wind Blade]. Now, whenever I enter its circle, it gives me a really disgusted look before firing off a [Wind Blade].


‘Ahhh! That’s the one! That’s the look! I feel like I’m going to…’


‘Ahem, that’s not the point. Now where was I?’


‘Right right, skills. I discovered that other than fulfilling a certain set of conditions, there was another way to gain skills from the system.’


With that in mind, I used my widdle dragon claws to dig out that blackwing python’s poison sac and swallowed it.


‘Woo, I think I’m poisoned...but that’s not important now…’


I took out a bunch of red, cubish fruits which I had collected over the past two days and swallowed them as well. ‘They kind of resemble those antidote-like substances in the other games I’ve played so far.’


‘Mhm, it even tastes like mango, so good. Slime-chan was the one who told me about that method of curing the poison. *squeal*, Slime-chan is so cute…’


[ [Poison Resistance] proficiency has increased to Lv.3!]


‘Hey! Not that one, shoot, will I even get that skill. Honestly, that poison sac was disgusting, if I don’t learn that skill, that means I ate that sac for nothing!’


[ Widdle Dragon has learnt [Poison Bullet] Lv.2!]


[Yay, just as I suspected...eating a body part of the skill-user has a chance of giving its skill!’


[ [Simple Logic] Proficiency has increased to Lv.6!]


In the past, I was confused why some bosses knew a bunch of skills that didn’t fit them. Clearly they were fist users so why did they know sword arts…truly a strange sight. ‘Looks like it’s because they ate the relevant body part!’


‘ was probably because the RPGs I played were all a bunch of horsepoop…’


‘Mhm, anyway, that blackwing python just died and as they say, strike while the iron is hot. If it gets cold, it won’t taste as good…’


I opened my gigantic food hole and violently tore off a python’s flesh to chew. ‘ tastes...better than dirt, better than insects as well...but raw meat feels kinda…’


‘Ah, I wish had some steamed mutton, bear’s paw, steamed deer tail, roast duck, roast chicken, roast…’


‘Hmm?!’ Slime-chan suddenly kicked me twice on the head…


‘What’s the matter? You want some as well?’ I pointed at the blackwing python’s body.


Slime-chan then jumped off my head and stared at the python. ‘Looks like she really wants to eat it.’


‘Hm...if you want to eat it then go ahead, it’s not like you can eat that much anyway!’ As I thought that, I nodded my head.


For some unknown reason, Slime-chan was giving me the evil eye, face puffed up as those tiny eyes glared right at me.


‘What...what’s the matter? Don’t tell me you’re angry because I made fun of your small appetite?!’


Just as I thought that, Slime-chan’s body suddenly expanded and then, with one gulp, swallowed the entire python…


‘Hold it! Don’t swallow it yet! I’m only half full!’


She swallowed it. *Burp~!* She even let out an adorable burp…


‘You beast! I’m still hungry here!’


‘Not even the bones! That’s my first meal of meat, don’t cha know!?’

‘Why do you only grow so big when it’s time to eat?! Waahhhhhhhh.’ ┭┮﹏┭┮



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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