World Boss? No Thanks! 11: It's About Time For a Female Lead

As I stood there helplessly watching with my very own eyes as Slime-chan slowly gulp that python down into its belly, it suddenly felt like all the love in the world had disappeared.


‘Give me back my food! Give me back my blood and sweat!


Just as I thought that, Slime-chan suddenly swivelled around to look at me, face puffing as it did so.


‘Hmph, you can be angry all you want, that’s still my meat you ate! Not like a slime like you would ever understand what it means to be a little considerate of another’s hard work!’


‘Eh eh, why is Slime-chan expanding again, in fact, it’s still growing like an inflatable balloon.’


‘Waaah, no way, there’s no need to be that angry is there, Slime-chan? I admit that I was being a little mean just now but if you keep expanding like that, somehow it feels like you will end up exploding.’


‘Like a balloon, POP! Don’t cha know, Slime-chan!?’


Slime-chan’s belly began to glow slightly as if someone had just lit up a campfire.


‘No way...why is it glowing!? Don’t tell me your belly is full of explosives!? Exactly what have you been eating all this time?! Shouldn’t it just be dirt?!’


‘All you ate was a blackwing python and suddenly there’s a chemical reaction in your belly?! I’m uneducated so please don’t lie to me!’


In midst of my mental rambling, Slime-chan’s belly continued growing and even began to pick up its pace.


“Wahhhhhh, why is your belly growing even bigger...that has nothing to do with me, I swear. I’m not the one who made you pregnant, it’s that blackwing python who did it! So, at least let me run out of the blast radius…’


Suddenly, Slime-chan’s body began to emit a *beep beep beep* sound and not only that, it grew even more rushed by the second.


‘You’re sh*tting me! There’s even a countdown, are you afraid my corpse won’t chill fast enough or something?!’


By now, Slime-chan’s belly had grown unimaginably bright as if it was really about to explode.

‘Today, I think I’m done for...I know that has to be Slime-chan’s self-detonation countdown. Looks like it’s too late to escape now…’


Thus, I collapsed onto the ground with a *pufu* and started furiously burying my head under the soil in a last bid attempt at resistance. Having taken cover, I finally took the time to think about my situation, ‘With the epicenter so close, there’s no way I can survive at all, is there? Sh*t, looks like I’m going to be a popsicle in the end anyway!’


Thus, before dying, I had one thing I had to do: leave behind my dying words so that those after me would know how I failed…


‘Before dying, I have one last thing to say to you, Slime-chan…’


‘After eating my meat, you even tried to blow me up! I’m so angry!’


‘Alright, I’ve left my dying words, I’m ready to be blown up! Either way I’m going to die soon so let me die a heroic death at least.’


At that moment, images of those hollywood male leads spreading their arm and welcoming their fate ran through my head --- ‘dying like this...looks so cool!’


Thus, with the wind blowing through the grass and my arms spread wide open, I slowly closed my eyes and turned to face the explosion at a 45 degree angle. ‘Haha, behold my newly researched Shaft Head Tilt!’


‘Come then, I’ll face you head tilted! I’ll await my fate with eyes closed!’


Like that, a second passed and a gentle wind softly whistled in my ears. ‘Fate seemed to have forgotten about me…’


Five seconds passed…


‘It feels like something is prodding my cheeks. Why hasn’t fate arrived yet…’




‘Fine, I couldn’t wait another ten seconds! That damned prodding is already getting on my nerves!’


‘Exactly who is prodding my face at this crucial moment?! Can’t you see I’m waiting for my death (being a showboating idiot)?!’


As I thought that, I forcefully opened my eyes and glared!


All I saw was a beautiful but cerulean colored girl stare at me with a pitiful look in her watery eyes. Her slender arms was in the midst of prodding my face while her naked body trembled slightly amidst the gentle winds…


‘Ahhhhh!!! My single AF eyes!!! (Ruuuuuu!! I couldn’t help but howl into the air…)


‘It’s too beautiful, the stimulation is too strong!’ The moment I saw that sight, my hands shot up to cover my eyes in fright…


Thus I didn’t manage to see all the details but at least I saw hints of a...cerulean na naak---nekid body!


‘Exactly what was I thinking just now?! How could I glare at such an adorable lady!


‘I I I’s time to commit seppuku!’


‘Hold on, calm down for a second here and think carefully...what color was she again?!’


‘Errr, I think I just uncovered the truth behind this situation!’



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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