World Boss? No Thanks! 12: This Train of Thought is Really Dangerous!

‘Cerulean nekid body, no clothes, a thoroughly pitiful look...hmph, so all the puzzle pieces have finally fallen into place?!’


‘Even though I didn’t dare to believe it to be so, I’m afraid this is the only explanation left…’


‘With my grandpa’s name on the line, I swear, there can only be one truth!’


‘As you can see, Slime-chan has been feminized! That’s right, that is the truth! If it’s wrong then...I can’t really help it, can I? At most, you can go find my grandpa instead…’


‘However, why is this happening in the first place?! Why did Slime-chan suddenly turn into a female? And why is she nekid after turning into a female? Exactly what secrets lay hidden behind this enigma?! Exactly what is the root cause for all this!?’


‘Is this a distorted manifestation of her wildness or perhaps it’s a degradation of morality? Is it because of the burst DPS meta or perhaps it’s the helplessness of a tank meta? Please leave your…


‘No no no.’ I returned back to my senses. ‘Now’s not the time for memes, what’s most important now is to find out exactly what has happened...reflex tsukkomi and memes aren’t a good habit at all…’


As I thought that, I turned to face Slime-chan…


All I saw was a beautiful girl whose exposed body was trembling under the caress of a gentle breeze… ‘ahhhhh, my single AF eyes!’


‘I forgot, she’s nekid! Standing so close is just too stimulating for a bashful man like me! A beautiful girl’s pure, na...nekid body…’


‘Mhm, even though it was just a momentary glance but based on my estimation, it should be...D? Maybe even an E…’


‘No no, now’s not the time for this as well! Anyway, I need to calm down first and offer up my coat to her like a true gentleman!’


‘Ah...come to think of it…’


‘I’m f**king wearing nothing as well, aren’t I?! I’m nekid too!’


Previously, I mostly saw myself as a part of mother nature so I didn’t pay much attention to this fact. Thinking back on it now… ‘aren’t I a bonafide pervert!? Ahhh, I didn’t notice it before since I didn’t feel the chilliness of being naked...’


‘Once I get out of here, I’m definitely putting on some clothes…’ I swore with tears streaming down my eyes.


‘Then...what should I do for now?! I definitely can’t treat her as a girl...that’s right, she’s just a slime…’


‘All those who get off by looking at a slime should go face the wall and reflect! That’s right, it’s just a goals are as vast as the galaxy…’


“Fumu.” It was then that Slime-chan gave out that adorable call once more after which I suddenly felt a strange softness on my claws.


‘That...Slime-chan?! What are you doing?’


I turned around to look and found the cerulean beauty with both her eyes closed as she gently laid down on my body. Her melons just so happened to perch on my fingers, ‘so warm…’


‘AHHHHH!!! What’s going on here?!’


‘This is basically adding frost onto snow, don’t cha know! Let alone calm down, it’s getting worse! I need to go face the wall and reflect!’


“Calm down! Anyway, calm down first! If I’m not careful, I might become the first world boss to push down a slime lady in a Full-Immersion game!’


“Fumu?! Push...down?” Suddenly, a voice rang out in my head…


‘Yes yes, push down, I…’


‘Hmmm?! Was someone talking to me in my head just now?’


“That’s me, Dragon-chan.”


‘Ah, there’s that voice again, exactly whose is it?’


‘Oh, I know who it is now, so it’s you! My other personality, Evil King True Dragon!’


“It’s me, Dragon-chan.” The slime lady lifted her head up from my fingers and stared at me.


‘Eh?! It’s Slime-chan?!’



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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