World Boss? No Thanks! 13: Only By Evolving Can You Become a Beautiful Girl!

‘Is this for real?! That Slime-chan...not only turned into a super gorgeous teenage girl, she’s actually able to communicate telepathically?’


‘That has to be a cheat, isn’t there a little too many cheats in this damn game!?’


“Gorgeous...teenage girl?! Telepathically?! Cheat?!” Slime-chan tilted her head, confusion clearly written all over her face.


‘Hmm, I guess she hasn’t heard of all those terms I just used, no wonder she’s puzzled...well, she’s Slime-chan after all, not knowing them is only to be expected…’


‘AH, that hurts.’ My arm received a resounding smack…


“Even though I don’t really understand what you said, but somehow it feels like I’ve been looked down upon.” Her voice echoed within my head once more.


As she said that, her cheeks slightly puffed up. Her tiny little hands began slapping me ---*pah pah*--- as if she was a little animal.


‘Ah, so cute, what is this adorable creature?! Is this really a slime?! Not good, at this rate, I might just decide to love her oh so tenderly…’


“Ah, thanks…” It was as if she heard my internal monologue and unabashedly blushed.


‘Ooohhh, so cute, that candidness…’


“No, no more…” Her cerulean little face reddened even more even though it was supposed to be blue.


Looking at that figure of hers, I seemed to have understood something. Suddenly, I couldn’t help but feel a desire to tease her. ‘Mhm…’


‘Slime-chan is so adorable!’


“Uwah!” Hearing that, she seemed to panic even more.


‘Slime-chan is super adorable!’


“UWAAHH!!” After that, her panic reached new heights!


‘Ahh, I really want to tease Slime-chan in even more ways!’


“UUWWWAAAAHHH!!!” She buried her face into my body as if she wanted to hide her red as an apple face. Yet even amidst all that, her tiny hands didn’t forget to rapidly slap me in a thoroughly embarrassed and angry fashion…


‘Somehow, this is getting interesting! I even found a new way to tease Slime-Chan! Who knows, I might just be a S!’


“S?” As she looked up, a shocked look crossed her face.


‘Hmm, even if she didn’t understand the term, it seems she understood the meaning behind it. Come to think of it, why can she even read my thoughts, this one-sided reading makes me feel like I really lost something in this exchange, don’t cha know?’


‘Hmmm, if I had to convert that to Chinese Yuan, I think I just lost five dollars worth in that deal…’


‘Looks like there’s one more matter to add the list of things I don’t understand. Firstly, why did Slime-chan suddenly turn into a cerulean ditzy beautiful girl?!’


‘Don’t tell me the slime family will automatically turn into a beautiful girl after eating a blackwing python?! What kind of fetish is this, designers! All I can say is...good job!’


‘Alright, that’s enough nonsense for now, time to go kill some more blackwing pythons and raise more slimes for my harem team!’


‘Screw playing this game! I’m going to be a salted fish (laze around)!’


Slime-chan gave me another shocked look. ‘Ah, I forgot she could read my mind…’


“It’s not because of that blackwing python…” Came her soft voice.


‘Hmm? What?! Your voice is really soft, I can’t hear you clearly…


“I didn’t turn into a beautiful girl because of that blackwing python!” Having realized what that term meant, her face reddened slightly.


‘Is that so...I just knew there was no such thing as a free meal from heaven…*cough*...that poisoned thing from before doesn’t count!’


“I only became a beautiful girl because of my evolution!” Was her shocking response.


‘Hmm?! Huh? Please elaborate!’


‘You can turn into a beautiful girl by evolving?! I haven’t played many games so please don’t lie to me!’


‘Isn’t this supposed to be a proper Full-Immersion game setting?! Don’t tell me I’m in some bug-ridden R-18 web game!’


“Full...Immersion, R-18?!” She was confused once more...


‘No no, there’s no need for you to understand those! It’s my fault, please continue elaborating!’


“That...once your XP reaches a certain threshold, a lot of sparkly things will appear in front of you. On top of them, you can see several descriptions of evolution forms...there’s a [Slime Lady] written on one of them…’


‘ she knew about XP and evolutions but didn’t understand how to choose…’


‘Also, what’s this I hear about being to choose an evolution form?! I have to say, that’s truly a relief. What if I had evolved and it forced me to become some kind of [Dragon Woman], that would be awkward…’


‘So after all that, all you had to do was choose those words [Slime Lady]?’


“Mhm mhm, just like that.” She nodded her head.


‘Hmph, I get it, change of plans…’


‘No need for those pythons at all! Operation Slime Capture Phase A, Plan Harem Grooming, start!’


“No, that’s not it at all…”Slime-chan had a panicked look on her face as she sent that message. “Actually, only a few members of our clan are able to evolve into a [Slime Lady], you need to fulfill certain conditions…’


‘Hmmm, interesting, so roughly how high is the probability for that evolution?’


“One in ten thousand or so…”


‘That low?! So only one in ten thousand can turn into a beautiful girl!?’


Slime ladies are truly one in ten thousand beauties, huh!



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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