World Boss? No Thanks! 14: Your Name is...Hmm?! Can You Repeat That?

‘Well then, here comes the million dollar question, exactly what are the requirements for evolving into a one in ten thousand [Slime Lady]?’ I turned towards Slime-chan with expectant eyes.


“Ermm, I don’t know, it feels kinda fuzzy...this happened and then this.” She answered in a slightly muffled and embarrassed tone.


‘Hmmm, a logical explanation, if I do say so myself! After all, it’s Slime-chan the ditz!’


“Hmph! o( ̄ヘ ̄o#)”


‘Ah, that hurts, don’t punch me with your widdle fists. Now that you’ve evolved, they’ve grown stronger as well…’


‘By the way, what’s up with this talking in my head!? Don’t tell me it’s something fuzzy as well!’


‘Come to think of it, why can’t I fuzzily evolve or fuzzily talk! Is it because my fuzziness method is off?!’


“Hmm, I only gained the skill, [Soul Link], after evolving. As long as the other party is willing to engage in soul communication, you can use that skill to communicate with them! Isn’t that great!?”


‘Mhm mhm, really great, those light blue, elongated eyes of hers are even sparkling right now…’


‘Ahhhh, damnit, so enviable! Makes me jealous just thinking about it! Why don’t I have such a convenient skill!?’


“Enviable? Jealous?” Her eyes began to cloud over once more as she tried to process the terms she didn’t understand.


[Soul Link] was a skill that, on the surface, was similar to the skill, [Telepathic Word],described in light novels. However, unlike that, it required consent and was an even deeper form of communication as one’s thoughts were laid bare before the other, rather than telepathic words, they were more like the words of one’s soul…


‘Ahhh, it feels like I lost more than five yuan just now, I think I lost 100 yuan instead!’


‘This damned system won’t even give me 100 yuan after all that! How unreasonable, don’t you think so?!’


‘Uwaah, I shouldn’t think about these things for now...because Slime-chan won’t understand them and become even more confused, it’s even looking into the distance…’


“Come to think of it, why do you keep calling Slime-chan!?” She redirected her gaze away from the distance and suddenly dropped that question on me.


‘Ah...about that, well...because it’s cute and rolls off the tongue...what’s the matter, is there something wrong with it?’


“About that...I have a name. If it’s possible, please use that from now on…” Her cheeks were tinged with a hint of bright red as she shyly said that.


‘Don’t...don’t be like that, even I will become embarrassed then! That’s not good...we just met not too long ago, for us to reach the level of given names just like that…’


‘Fine.’ I still gave her that answer in the end.


‘Hmph, you must be joking, how could I do such a flag pulling action like that! Pulling out a beautiful girl’s flag, such a person doesn’t exist in me!’


“My name is…” Slime-chan’s face became even redder as if it was a lovely peach blossom.


‘Oh oh, and your name is?!’ For some strange reason, I was unusually excited.


“My name is…!”


‘Oooooh, your name is?!’






‘Hmmm?! What did you say just now?! I didn’t hear you too clearly…’


“I said Fumufumu!” For some strange reason, she seemed a little angry.


‘Hmm, why are you acting all cutesy all of a sudden? Aren’t we talking about your name right now?’


“That’s why, I’m saying…” She curled her lips and pouted after which her light blue eyes began to cloud over.


‘That’s why?’


“My name is Fumufumu, hmph!” Slime-chan viciously glared at me.


‘Ah?! Fumufumuhmph is your…’


‘Oh!’ A look of realization dawned upon me.


‘No wonder, no wonder your name sounds so familiar, so stirring, so beautiful! I have to say, that is a truly good name, Fumufumuhmph!’


“My name is Fumufumu…” Her originally shifting eyes started to water up and soon tears began rolling down the corners of her eyes in a truly pitiable expression. “Hmph, that’s enough, I’m not talking to you anymore...┭┮﹏┭┮”


‘No, what I’m actually saying is Fumufumu is a great name! Listen to me…’


*Ding* [Your soul linkage has been severed! Please wait awhile before dialing!]


From that moment on and for a very long time after, Slime-chan (Fumufumu) no longer engaged in any deep conversations with me, in other words, [Soul Link]...



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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