World Boss? No Thanks! 15: Young Man, You Must Keep Your Thoughts Healthy!

The sun was about to set and what was once an azure sky was now dyed a crimson red. Thanks to the poor coloring techniques of the design team, the vast Prairie Grasslands began to glow a light red as well. Gentle winds blowing across the grasslands, wave after wave ran through the endless ocean of green as I stood amidst all that, peering into the distance…


‘ detestable the setting sun is.’


‘Each time I look at it, I get the feeling that the day was about to end in the blink of an eye. Almost as if time itself had been squandered...especially when one spent an entire day consoling Slime-chan without any results…’


‘It’s all my fault, can you forgive me, Slime-cha…’




[The other party has rejected your call, please wait awhile before dialing.]


‘I’m sorry, it’s my fault, Fumufumu....’


‘Sigh, nothing. Slime-chan is really hard to coax...I should bully her less from now on. Well, at least I managed to persuade her into wearing those clothes made of leaves...from now on, my cheeks won’t blush, my heart won’t race, my breathing won’t turn ragged and whatever I eat will be delicious…’


‘No, wait, delicious is still a bit…’


‘Oh right, right, after my relentless hard work (harassing Slime-chan), I learnt [Soul Link], don’t cha know! Huhuhu, things are so much more convenient now!’


*ding ding ding*. I excitedly sent her another [Soul Link] request!




[The other party has rejected your call and has rolled her eyes at you.]


*ding ding ding.* ‘[Soul Link]!’


[Rejected and rolled her eyes twice…]


*ding ding ding…* After an unknown number of [Soul Links] later…


‘I forgive you already alright…’ Fumufumu-chan finally accepted my [Soul Link], not knowing whether to cry or laugh at my attempts.


‘Ah, no, to be fair, I only wanted to test out the usability of the [Soul Link]...however, since you forgive me then that works out as well. Tehe~’


After that, we spent a beautiful night together...well you get it…




Hunted an entire night’s worth of blackwing pythons!


‘Hm?! What’s with all those raised fists?! What else did you think I was going to say…’


Anyway, after all our hard work hunting, I managed to level up from eight to ten… ‘the blackwings we hunted gave more XP than the insects we killed so far, did that mean that XP varied by race as well?’


As I suddenly recalled our multitude of past experiences, all those blood, sweat and tears hunting on the precipice, my eyes couldn’t help but water.


‘Must it be so hard for a boss to level up!? That’s just ten levels, when will I even be able to hit the MAX level?! Next year?!’


‘How do those other bosses even level up, teach me too please! Sigh...sadness!’


“Dragon-chan, behind you!” Slime-chan yelled at me through the [Soul Link].


Without turning around, I extended a claw in that direction…


[Claw Swipe]! Like that, the blackwing python was torn in half by me!


I had to admit, the growth of a world boss was truly something to look forward to. As of now, blackwing pythons were no longer a threat to me.


‘Hmph, how could such small fries even threaten me…’ Just as I thought that, another voice echoed from behind me.


‘Hisss…’ The blackwing python continued hissing from behind me, moreover, it was getting louder by the second.  It was a hiss that was completely unlike any other before it, even now its pressure was growing stronger.


I clearly heard something slithering on the ground. *slither slither*


‘The behind that Slime-chan was talking about, don’t tell me it…’


‘Hmm?! What’s behind me…’


I turned around and found myself staring at an unbelievably gigantic blackwing python just 50 meters ahead of me…


‘This is...bad…’



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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