World Boss? No Thanks! 16: Battle! Blackwing Python!

*hiss hiss* The giant blackwing python spat out its forked tongue and stood there motionlessly observing me. Unlike most games, the creatures of  [Fan Tian] would act like those of the natural world and make a judgement based on their observations.


Snakes were actually extremely cunning beasts. Without having an accurate judgement of their opponent’s strength, they would never rashly act but instead maintain a safe distance they could attack and retreat from.


Is the other side stronger than me?  Is it worth my time to hunt? How large is the possibility of failure?


Whether it was the snake or me, the instincts and genes carved into our body would instruct us on what to do and when…


Under this sky filled with stars, those tiny gems cast a gentle light over the vast grasslands. Tonight, it seemed like only the sounds of my racing heart and the breath-like winds from the north could be heard.


Tonight was bound to be a restless one.As I stood facing that colossal blackwing python, I did my best to maintain a defensive stance while keeping eye contact.


My instincts screamed of danger: what if its level was significantly higher than mine? If I were to reveal any weakness right now, it might just be my last.


There was no gunfire to signal the start of battle here. It begins with a stare and ends with one as well.


‘Run!’ That was what my inner self was screaming right now.


This enemy wasn’t the same as that white deer at all. That deer would only warn those who tried to intrude upon its territory thus I never felt any danger when facing off against it.


However...this giant blackwing python was totally different. It was here with the purpose of killing me. Perhaps it was because it treated me as food or perhaps it was here to take revenge for its brethren!


In an instant, my judgement was completed…


I was...weaker than it! Furthermore, it wasn’t just a matter of one level or two!


The moment I made that judgement, it seemed to finish making its own as well. Thus, it charged at me with no hesitation whatsoever.


‘Run!’ I swiftly used the [Soul Link] to transmit that message to Slime-chan.


‘Sh*t, Slime-chan seems to have been scared witless by it! She’s just standing there in a daze right now!


‘Anyway, before Slime-chan makes her escape, I need to do my best and stall it!’


With its formidable muscles, all it took was a single flick from it to produce a powerful feedback that launched it forward towards me.


Staring into the bloody abyss that was its mouth, the terror came at me in droves. My body began to tremble slightly as I stood there in shock. I knew, the moment it manages to bite me would be my death!


Terror, that was man’s most basic instinct! Now, it was my weak point!


‘It’s alright, it’s alright. This is just a game, a game, there’s nothing to be afraid of! Damned body, move! I want to dodge it!’


In that short span of a second, countless thoughts raced through my head as I desperately tried to command my body to move!


Finally, it worked. Swiftly, I managed to roll to the right and dodged the python’s mouth by a hair’s breadth. Having missed its target, it crashed into the soil, sending a massive shockwave rippling throughout the earth as it did so. The residual shockwave alone was enough to make me fall on my butt.


[Widdle Dragon has learnt [Fear Resistance] Lv.4!]


‘Seems like I managed to pick up a new skill along the way as well!’


What was most shocking was that despite its massive size, its movement speed was extremely fast! The stronger its abdominal muscles were, the more power it had and the more mobile it was!


‘Looks like escape isn’t even a possibility!’


As of right now, the only thing worth celebrating was that its massive body prevented it from making quick turns. All it could do was make rapid but wide turns.


Yet even with that weakness, it was an extremely difficult opponent to handle! Not to mention that pythons in this game seemed to have a ton of skills as well. Furthermore, judging from its size, the amount of skills it possessed definitely wasn’t any less than mine and might even be several times more!


Because there was basically no way to know what skills it had, I had to factor in an endless variety of potential dangers as well!


‘There’s no weakness to found at all...this…’



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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