World Boss? No Thanks! 17: Attacks Are All About Spirit!

“Hiss!” The giant blackwing python’s first strike missed but that didn’t slow it down in the slightest. Tail whipping through the air, it rapidly turned its serpentine head around to lunge at me, fanged mouth wide open.


‘You’ve gotta be sh*tting me?! That thing is even able to right its posture that swiftly? That’s totally against the rules!’


I dodged to the side once more, barely dodging that gaping abyss by a hair’s breadth. As I did so, a colossal shadow flashed past the corner of my right eye after which a stinging pain struck my right half.


‘Whew! Just it passing by in an instant was enough to cause me damage!? And I’m not sure if this is just imagination or not, but my right side seems a little numb, like it won’t move as I will…’


[Widdle Dragon has gained the DEBUFF [Light Paralysis]!


‘Damnit, it’s not just my imagination after all, it actually gave me a debuff with just a graze…’


‘Fudge, looks like we really aren’t just a level or two apart.’


It even gave me a scornful glare at that moment as if it noticed my abnormal status as well.


‘So, it doesn’t take me seriously...very good, there’s no better situation than this for me.’


The blackwing python whipped its head around and lunged at me once more. However, that swiftly changed midway into a coiling motion as it tried to restrain me instead.


To that giant blackwing python, restraining and then robbing its prey of its combat strength was the tried and true method of hunting! Everything else was nothing but a side hobby, something one messed with as an afterthought, an unorthodox method so to speak!


Naturally, it had the qualities and confidence to pull it off. The moment its prey was caught in its sinewy bindings, even prey several times stronger than itself would be strangled to death, let alone this weak looking Widdle Dragon.


That fact was painfully apparent to me as well: ‘the moment it manages to catch me, I’m dead.’


Thus, I had no hesitation whatsoever as I retreated backwards at the speed of light.


Yet as I did so, it rushed forward as well with a strikingly similar speed and a taunting gleam in its crystalline eyes. Neither too hurriedly nor too slowly, it kept pace with me, waiting patiently for that moment when I finally ran out of energy.


‘It’s enjoying itself?! That sadistic glint in its eyes, it’s revelling in the hunt?! Even though it’s just a damned game AI!


As for what kind of thoughts a monster AI like it would possess, I had no way of finding out.


‘Unless…’ At that, a certain thought couldn’t help but surface from the deepest recesses of my mind.


‘No...this can’t be a transmigration right? I definitely saw the existence of those other players, this should be a game world. Right?’


‘Hmmm, now’s not the time for this. I need to focus and craft a viable plan of action.’


One after another, scenarios ran through my head but were swiftly rejected by me. Thanks to the gigantic difference in level, I wasn’t able to figure out a way to defeat it.


As of now, the main skills I had were [Fireball], [Claw Swipe], [Ram], [Tail Swipe], [Soul Link], [Poison Bullet] and [Bite]. That was all I had to work with now in order to inflict damage on it.


Furthermore, I still wasn’t sure what skills it had. Thus how I should attack or even how I should defend were still a giant unknown for me.


‘There’s just not enough intelligence to work with…sigh, looks like combat intelligence is still the number one element in a game strategy guide. Without the proper information, even making a judgement is hard.’




The blackwing python shimmered and its tail whipped out in a shower of sparks as the ground itself was ripped apart with a deafening crack. Yet even with such a wide range of attack, the tail swung around with a blistering speed that made the winds howl. That had to be most powerful tail swipe I’ve ever seen!


Within its eyes, I could see that glimmer of euphoria one had upon a successful hunt. It must’ve thought that swipe would seal the deal.


‘Sorry, but I’m not such a pushover!’


‘[Tail Swipe]!’


I focused my energies onto my tail section and violently smacked at the ground. As I did so, the ground seemed to strike back at me in response, sending a stinging shiver through my tail…


At that same moment, my body launched into the air using the resulting lift from my smack and easily dodged the python’s own [Tail Swipe].Eyes wide in shock, it seemed at a loss as to how to process my unexpected dodge.


‘Hmph, I bet you’re stupefied, damn snake! With my Lv.4 [Tail Swipe], my body can even scale a three storey building, don’t cha know!’


‘Next is a [Fireball]!’ My claws came together and swiftly fired off a giant fireball.


‘It should be slightly right of me.’ That was the conclusion I came to in a split second…


‘Go!’ I forcefully swung my tail towards the empty space on my left!


At that, its eyes grew wide once more. That blackwing python was probably wondering why I even bothered with such a meaningless struggle… ‘that’s right, just stay confused like that…’


*whoosh* The recoil of that fireball forced my body violently to the right.


This was the only chance I had, no matter what it mustn’t fail. Once I entered the attack range of that blackwing python, there was no way for me to counterattack while in mid air!


‘Good! The [Fireball]’s recoil launched me right on top of the blackwing python! Looks like there’s no need for me to even make adjustments with smaller [Fireballs] after all!


A skill created by the fusion of gravity and my free falling body…




‘HA! I bet you’ve never tasted the combination of these attacks!’


The blackwing python seemed to have discovered my aim as it slithered about in a panicked fashion to try and escape.


‘Isn’t it a little too late to try and escape now?! Take this, my own special attack!’


‘At times like these, there’s nothing left to do, except to show some SPIRIT!’




‘Take this, self-created skill [Gravity Squash]!!!’



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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