World Boss? No Thanks! 18: The Beginnings of a Great Sin

*Bang!* Following a loud explosion, my [Gravity Squash] slammed into the body of the blackwing python, triggering a massive dust cloud around it thanks to the powerful shock waves generated. Instantly, my field of vision was obscured…


“Hiss!” The giant python arced its head back in a painful hiss to heavens before finally collapsing to the ground…


‘It’s...over?!’ With that in mind, my body began to slacken.


“Behind you!”


At the very instant my muscles relaxed, that giant python snapped open its eyelids ---it’s time had come!


Whipping my head around, I found that its colossal tail had unknowingly circled around to my back.


[Coil!] Its serpentine body wrapped around me in a flash and tried to restrain my movements. Coil after coil, a gray city wall was erected ever higher around me till it finally reached an astonishing height of five meters.


‘Snakes, I knew they were fiendish creatures!’ I thought to myself as I gazed at the ever shrinking piece of sky above me, heart at a loss as to what to do. It was as if I was a frog in the bottom of a well gazing at tiny piece of heaven of above me.


Immediately, those city walls began to close in on me.


[Experiment No.13: Probability of death, 99%, failure of experiment predicted.]


A mature voice suddenly rang out in my head, its ominously emotionless tone seemingly announcing my death like a grim reaper.


‘Experiment?! I...I’ve been treated as some kind of labrat? And you’re saying I have a 99% chance of dying?!’


‘Don’t joke with me here! I’m the strongest, the Player Boss! In terms of RPGs, there’s no way I will lose to anyone else!’


[Then I’ll let you play around till you’re satisfied. Until the day you lose, kill! Kill all those enemies who stand in your way!] The voice in my head turned into a scornful one at that moment. [This is what you deserve!]


[Widdle Dragon has earned the title [Beginnings of a Great Sin(Pride)] Lv.1! Proficiency XP rate has been doubled! Widdle Dragon has gained the skill [Sky Severance Sword] Lv.1! Widdle Dragon has gained the skill [Summon Hellsteed] Lv.1!]


‘Wahhh?! What’s all this?’


‘Hey hey hey, is it really alright to give out cheats so openly like that?! I’m the kind of man who enjoys that slow climb to the top, don’t cha know!’


[It’s fine, you aren’t the only one running around with cheats after all, this is nothing but a trivial matter.]


‘By Neptune’s Beard, you can directly connect to my brain as well?! There’s no way you’re the system, right?!’


[Pfft, just a simple [Soul Link], something like that isn’t hard at all. Also, I’m not some kind of low level, mindless existence like a mere system.] As it said that, it had a noticeably prideful tone in its voice…


‘Who are you then?! Why am I here?!’


[Woah there, that I can’t divulge...oh my, I’ve run out of minutes on my [Soul Link], I’ll hang up for now!] The other party’s words began to break up --zzzzttttt--- after which it hung up on my with a pretty decisive *beep*.


‘What the f***! Your [Soul Link] even has call charges?!’


‘AHH, how infuriating! That bast*rd!’


‘However, now’s not the time to be angry...either way, I need to get myself out of this situation first! Destiny’s throat, that’s something best left to my clutches at the end of the day!’


[Tail Swipe]! I launched myself into the air once more in a bid to try and leap over the serpentine walls.


[ [Tail Swipe] proficiency has risen to Lv.5!]


The giant python squinted its eyes disdainfully before lunging with its mouth wide open.


[Fireball]! At that very moment however, my claws violently dunked a hastily-formed sphere of fire into its mouth.


[ [Fireball] proficiency has risen to Lv.6!]


In every Full-Immersion game, all characters had an opening animation to their attacks. As long as one was able to swiftly recognize that animation, one could easily guess its following moves.


‘1% chance of survival? Hmph, aren’t you underestimating me a little too much! This little dragon can predict attacks, don’t cha know!’


“Haaaaaahhh!” The giant python spewed out a stream of gray smoke as it continuously whipped its head around and cried. While all that happened, its body began to rapidly shrink before my very eyes!


‘Not good, this really isn’t good!’


‘Should I try out those two new skills of mine?!’


[Sky Severance Sword]! I took up the stance and chopped the area in front of me…


[Required equipment hasn’t been equipped, please equip the required equipment and try again!]


‘Fuuu...dge! Looks like that won’t work!’


‘Mhm, then it’s you, [Summon Hellsteed]!’


(edited by: Tahaku)



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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