World Boss? No Thanks! C20: To Push Down or to Ruffle, Now That’s the Question

Hanging high above by the heavens, the moon’s silvery light washed over the land like a luminescent fang. From my distant standpoint, it seemed almost ephemeral, like the last bit of wintry snow.


It was almost dreamlike. Such was the picturesque quality of the scene before me that I couldn’t help but praise it, although the previous scene was arguably just as praiseworthy as well. They were two completely different takes on that word though.


If the current scene could be described as a peaceful, gentle piano piece, then that apocalyptic scene just now was a stirring warsong. Even amidst this idyllic atmosphere, my heart still trembled slightly from the residual shockwaves.


There was another ‘me’. Like a domineering tyrant, his mere movements brought with them a sense of arrogance and oppressiveness that seemed to hold everything before them in disdain. Then...


“ have to become stronger.” That was the gist of what he said to me.


A simple word from him was all it took trigger an unending torrent of thoughts from me. This was a game, there was no doubt about that. However, it wasn’t as simple as I had initially thought. All that happened to me had a sense of purpose behind them and I was just a pawn to those purposes…


“Dragon-chan, what’s the matter?” Slime-chan couldn’t help but ask out of concern as she gazed at my dazed expression.


‘Ah? Mmm...I’m fine. I was just lost in thought just now, pondering what happened.’


“Just now? Is Dragon-chan talking about how he defeated that python? Dragon-chan is so strong!”


‘??? No, what are you talking about? That wasn’t me who did that! Didn’t you see for yourself, that thing just now wasn’t me!’


“Hmm? Another...Dragon-chan?” Her eyes started to glaze over, seems like she couldn’t comprehend what I just said. “There’s two Dragon-chan!?”


‘No...just forget what I said.’


‘Looks like Slime-chan can’t see the other ‘me’, so that means I’m the only one who can.’


‘Without a doubt, that was on purpose. Seems like I’ve...become embroiled in some ploy.’


Thinking back on my twenty years of life, I was basically an average person. My looks were average. I desired wealth, like everyone else, but as of now, it was basically still non-existent. Power was something I sought but like my non-existent wealth, it was noticeably missing as well. I had endeavored to accomplish numerous goals, so numerous even I lost count of them, but of all that only gaming managed to stand the test of time.


‘Exactly what did they expect to gain from me? It couldn’t just be some game data right?’


“If you wish to find out, journey to the holy city of the humans ---[Margare]!” ‘My’ words resounded within my head once more.


‘Right! Even though I’m not too on board with that, I’m afraid there’s not really a choice to be made here! Now isn’t time to be stuck in a quagmire, if no moves are made now, nothing will ever get done.’


I gave myself a resounding smack on my cheeks as I thought that.


“Uwah?!” Slime-chan seemed to be shocked by my actions. “Dragon-chan?!”


‘It’s nothing. By the way, where were you just now when I was fighting that python?’


“Mmm, about that, I’m sorry.” Slime-chan averted her eyes as she proceeded to apologize, “I hid somewhere because I was too scared.”


‘No, it’s alright if you don’t apologize. In fact, it was a great help that you did so! How should I say this, you don’t seem that suited for combat…’


“Mhm…” I barely got a glimpse of her reddened cheeks before Slime-chan buried her head within my embrace. “Next time I promise I’ll fight. So don’t abandon me, Dragon-chan.”


‘Ahh, I can’t take it anymore! What’s with this adorable creature!?’


‘Calm down. Calm down, me. Slime-chan doesn’t even think of you that way.’


‘That’s right, we’re just friends. No pushing her down, that’s not allowed at all.’


‘She’s just a NPC, a NPC!’


‘Mhm, I did it. I knew I was a gentledragon.’


Thus, as a compensation of sorts, I did my best to ruffle her hair…


‘Come to think of it, didn’t the system just mention that I can evolve? Does that mean I can finally stop being a Widdle Dragon?!’


(Edited by: Tahaku)

(ED notes: *deadpan eyes* So is this guy gonna be a “gentledragon” the entire time? I sure hope not.)



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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