World Boss? No Thanks! 21: Eevee's Evolution Choice!

‘Come then, I want to evolve!’


‘And no, you’re mistaken. Even though the title is that, this isn’t PokemoOn…’


‘This is about me evolving into my strongest form! Hu hu hu!’


I extended my dragon claws and tapped on the system’s evolution UI.


[Do you wish to evolve? (Choices made are final!)]


‘Of course I do! Why would I tap you if I didn’t want to? By the way, what are the evolution choices, I want a cooler one!’


[Evolution Choices]


‘Hoh, isn’t this a rather grand showing? Well, let’s have a looksie.’


[Infant Dragon]:


D+ Ranked lifeform. An incomplete evolution form one rank behind that of an adult dragon’s.


A common, run-of-the-mill dragon. Its body contains a treasure trove of rare materials; dragons of this species are one of the favored targets of adventurers.



‘... …’


‘Isn’t that just a damn walking ATM then?! Being favored by adventurers is basically a death sentence, for a world boss anyway!’


‘Horrible, just horrible! The first choice is already so crappy; is System-kun messing with me?!’


‘Forget it, let’s just move onto the next choice.’


[Tiny Flame Dragon]: (Proficiency with fire skills will evolve.)



D+ Rank lifeform. An incomplete evolution form. A tiny dragon lifeform that is wreathed in flames. Upon evolution, proficiency with flame skills will greatly increase!


These dragons tend to appear in the molten layer underground. Most of the time, they will not attack other lifeforms unprovoked. However, should a lifeform invade their territory, they can expect to be drowned in flames!



‘Mhm, doesn’t look that bad at all. My chuuni senses are starting to burn as well.’




‘Wait, hold on a second. If I evolve into a tiny flame dragon now, wouldn’t this entire grassland be reduced to cinders?! Won’t those adventurers come looking for me then!?’


‘Errr, there’s no rush to make a decision anyway…let’s see what are the other choices.’


[Faerie Dragon]: (Proficiency with illusion skills will evolve.)




C- Rank lifeform. An Incomplete evolution form. These dragons specialize in illusions and mind control to beguile their opponents. They love treasure and are the most headache-inducing dragons out there for the adventurers. Upon evolution, proficiency with illusion skills will greatly increase!


It isn’t known where these dragons appear and there is a chance to encounter these dragons in any region. This particular species of dragons are known for their cunning and wiles. They often bewitch travellers in order to rob them before happily leaving. Because they are experts in illusions, few have seen their true appearance.



‘Hmmm, being mysterious isn’t half bad but somehow it just doesn’t fit my style.’


‘Next, next!’


[Tiny War Dragon]: (Proficiency with combat skills will evolve.)



C- Rank lifeform. An incomplete evolution form. A terrifying dragon species that lusts for battle. One of the most frightening dragon species which adventurers do not wish to encounter. Upon evolution, proficiency with combat skills will greatly increase!


These tiny dragons would swoop in and ambush adventurers sporadically. As a combat species who pursue strength, they constantly hone their skills and combat techniques!



‘Oooo, sounds really strong, kinda like a battle junkie…’


‘Hmmm, unless something unexpected happens, I will probably make a choice between that and the tiny flame dragon.


[Tiny Poison Dragon]: (Proficiency with poisons and curses will evolve.)




C- Rank lifeform. An incomplete evolution form. A bearer of lethal poisons and plagues, an adventurer would definitely not want to encounter this dragon. Upon evolution, proficiency with poisons and curses will greatly increase!


One of the most infamous dragon species, wherever these dragons reside, the air around them would be infected by toxins. Because of the concerted efforts by adventurers and the military to slay them, they have basically become extinct in the mainland. They are often found living on islands outside of the mainland. Those who fight will often find themselves in a constant state of poison. Truly a troublesome foe.




‘This...won’t work out at all!’


‘If I ever want to make it into the sacred city of the humans, I can’t choose this or I might get slain thanks to all those toxins and curses radiating off my body!’


‘Wherever a poison dragon appears, the air will be filled with screams of pain and beeps from their debuff status…’


‘Geez! Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face!’


‘No no no! This won’t work out at all…’


[Tiny Abyss Dragon]: (An evolution choice upon encountering a creature of the abyss.)




C Rank lifeform. An incomplete evolution form. These dragons are the harbingers of death and are the dragons that adventurers absolutely do not want to encounter. Upon evolution, proficiency with undead and bone skills will greatly increase!


Evil dragons that only appear in the abyss and have never been seen outside of it. Wherever they tread, the grass wither and the life seem to drain out of the very earth itself. These dragons bring with them utter despair and death, for those who do not have a resistance to death magicks, running away is advised!




‘This...this is even worse!’


‘It basically kills everyone around it indiscriminately! This isn’t even at the level of hunting parties anymore, this is a battle of life and death!’


‘Even though that sounds awesome, picking it would be game over for me!’


‘No no no, no matter what I’m not picking that! It’s just too horrible!’


‘As expected, the safer choice of [Tiny War Dragon] is the smarter one. It can tank and DPS, a perfect fit if I do say so myself!’


With that in mind, I reached out and tapped [Tiny War Dragon] with my claws.


[Evolution confirmed: Tiny Abyss Dragon!]








‘What the ****, didn’t I select [Tiny War Dragon], how did it become [Tiny Abyss Dragon]!?’


‘Oh crap, oh sh*t, it’s going to turn me into an evil dragon! At this rate, entering the humans’ sacred city is going to be a very distant goal, in more ways than one!’


‘System-kun, phuck your mahmah!’


A white flash of light later, I...lost consciousness…


(Edited by: Tahaku)

(ED notes: I really hope Slime-chan isn’t affected by his presence, negatively at least. If it boosts her evolution path, then that’s perfectly fine.)



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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