World Boss? No Thanks! 22: The Me After Evolution

I slowly opened my eyes and awoke from my slumber; it felt like I had spent an entire age in the darkness. ‘I...exactly how long have I been unconscious?! My head hurts.’


I lifted my head and surveyed my surroundings: Slime-Chan was asleep by my side, chest rising and falling evenly as her soft *hu hu* echoed in my ears.


‘Same as always, not a single of bit of wariness at all, sometimes you’re just too laidback I swear.’


“Blackwing...python, so tasty…”


‘Hahaha’ *rumbling growl* I couldn’t help but laugh. ‘Exactly how much do you love blackwing python meat? You’re even eating it in your dreams…’


‘Hmm, I should find some food for the both of us in case she wakes up and finds nothing to eat. Wouldn’t want her to treat me like a giant blackwing python steak after all.’


I tried to twist my body away from her.


‘Hmmm?! My body...why can’t it move?’


‘What’s going on?’


[System Reminder: Evolution Progress: 99%]


‘Ohhh, so my evolution haven’t ended yet. Scared me to death there…’


‘For a moment there, I seriously thought something went wrong with my that means everything should be fine once my progress reaches 100%.]


‘Guess I’ll wait a while then.’


‘Speaking of which, it would be great if it turned out I was a [Tiny War Dragon], like a slavic dragon or something, just thinking about it makes me happy!’


‘Hai, pity. They probably made some modifications to my system and caused some bugs again. Ahhh, feelsbadman…’




‘Come to think of it, I’ve been sitting here on my a*s for so long talking to myself, why hasn’t my evolution finished yet?! Don’t tell me it just finished downloading and needs to install. That’s why it’s stuck at 99%, isn’t it!?’


*ding* With that, the system was installed. Ah no, my evolution was complete.


‘Hmmm, this doesn’t seem all that different from before. Was it because my evolution was mostly complete when I woke up?’


Using the luminescent moonlight, I was barely able to discern the appearance of my own scales.


They seemed to have become denser and more intricate. Instead of being a mix of red and black scales, they were now purely black.


‘My head feels a little heavy as well, is it because my dragon horn grew longer? If only there was a lake of some sort nearby, I could’ve checked out my reflection. However, just from feeling it, it’s probably a pointed horn.’


‘Hmm, seems like I’ve grown a pair of dragon wings as well. Ahhhh, not being to able admire my own wings is so frustrating. *touches* Feels bony,are they bone wings?’


‘Given how dashing I look, it’s a travesty that there’s not even a single lake nearby to admire myself.’


“You’re, Dragon-chan?” Unbeknownst to me, Slime-chan had already woken up and was looking at me with trepidation.


‘It’s me alright, even though I’ve become more handsome, it’s still undoubtedly me!’ I did my best to flash her a gentle smile while putting on a harmless front.


“*weep* wooo…” Like a tiny animal, she began to tremble as she looked at me. “Dragon-chan has grown even scarier.”


‘Ah, my heart, it’s been stabbed! How am I scary, haven’t I become even more handsome?’


‘I get it now, it’s not my fault, the world is at fault here! There is no such thing as a smile in the world of slimes, that’s why she’s scared.’


‘Mhm, that has to be it! There’s no way I would ever be despised by Slime-chan, no such thing at all!’


‘Nope, not at all!’




‘Noooo, I don’t want to be hated by a beautiful girl!’


“Hehehe, Dragon-chan isn’t hated.” Slime-chan suddenly chuckled. Seems like she heard my inner monologue.




‘Speaking of which, how are my stats now?! I haven’t checked them in a long time.’


Monster Name: Tiny Abyss Dragon (World Boss)


Summary: Having just evolved into the forbidden existence known as a Tiny Abyss Dragon, this dragon has turned into a herald for death itself! Wherever it treads, life withers leaving only death and despair behind! Even though it has taken a tiny detour off the proper path, there’s still hope for redemption.


HP: 10860

MP: 12085

Physical Attack: 122-150

Magical Attack: 165-201 (Death and bone skills deal 20% increased damage)

Armor: Signs of initial scale growth (-10% magical and physical damage)

Physical Defense: 70

Magical Defense: 87

AttacK Speed: Really Slow.

Movement Speed: Really Slow.

HP Regeneration: 40/s

MP Regeneration: 50/s


Skills: [Aura of a Boss], [ Dragon *******], [Fireball], [Claw Swipe], [Ram], [Tail Swipe], [Soul Link], [Poison Bullet], [Bite], [Sky Severance Sword (Unusable)], [Summon Hellsteed (Unusable)], [Bone Creation (Learnable)], [Summon Bone Dragon (Learnable)], [Darkness Soul (Learnable)], [Death’s Binding (Learnable)], [Death Wave (Learnable)], [Underworld Claw Swipe (can be levelled up via Claw Swipe)]


Passive Skills: [Aura of a Boss], [ Dragon *******], [Simple Logic], [Mental Endurance], [Suffocation Resistance], [Slash Resistance], [Wind Resistance], [Poison Resistance], [Binding Resistance], [Falling Resistance], [Abyss Resistance], [Bone Magic Resistance], [Death Magic Resistance]



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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