World Boss? No Thanks! 23: The Abyssal Palace

‘Hmm, seems like the stat increase after an evolution isn’t just any old bump…’


‘Whether it’s my HP or MP, they’ve been broken through the 10 000 threshold. Looks like you really can’t compare a Lv.19 world boss’ growth rate to an ordinary creature...especially not a cheatlike existence like me.’


‘Judging from the stats differential, I seem to lean more towards magical attacks rather than physical ones. Furthermore, my death magicks and bone spells seem to have a special form as well; a flat 20% increase to the damage dealt by both of those magicks.’


‘Speaking of which, just based on that skill specialization alone, I’ve completely become a bonafide evil dragon!’


‘No matter how you look at it, death and bones don’t look like orthodox skillsets, don’t cha know?!’


‘Hmm, that reminds me...wasn’t there a (learnable) tag attached to some skills? Does that mean that I can learn new skills now?!’


I opened up my skills menu and browsed through the list.


‘I knew it, there are two skills tagged with (learnable). Hmmm...I clearly remembered that there were more skills tagged as such, are they missing because my level isn’t high enough?’


‘Hmmm, either way, being able to learn new skills is a good thing. A whole lot better than just blindly messing around, that’s for sure…’


‘Let’s have a looksie…’ With that in mind, I opened up my skill window.


[Tiny Abyss Dragon]


Skill Points Available: 42SP


[Bone Creation (Learnable, 5 SP REQ)] :



Foundational bone magic. This skill is the base for all the other bone magicks. Legends say that [Bone Creation] and all other bone magicks are the results of an ancient black mage’s research. Because such spells require the bones of dead creatures as a medium, they’ve been banned by the major kingdoms of this world and labelled as a forbidden magic. However, because of its sheer power, there are still a lot of black mages who secretly learn this skill...the more powerful one’s medium was, the more powerful the resulting spell would be !



[Death’s Binding (Learnable, 5 SP REQ)] :



Foundational death magic. This skill is the base for all other death magicks. Usually, such magicks do not exist in the mainland as only abyssal creatures are able to learn such spells. Once a person learns such magic, that person will gain an aura of death around him that decreases the HP of any living creature within range. Once this skill has been learnt, it will automatically activate regardless of the caster’s will. The higher level this skill is, the stronger his death magicks will be!



‘Uwah, what kind of skills are these...they are practically the textbook definition of forbidden magic. Am I really going to learn them…’


‘Putting aside that [Bone Creation] for now, what’s up with that automatic activation clause for [Death’s Binding]!? Decrease the HP of any living creature nearby? Won’t I just end up being alone till I die of old age then?!’


‘Can I even enter the sacred city like that?! Somehow this fabled city seems to be getting further and further away…’


‘NO, I’m definitely not learning it...but if I don’t, isn’t it kinda a waste…’


‘I finally gained the ability to learn skills least this way I won’t have to work my a*s off to pick up a mere basic skill…’


‘Mhm! I’ll learn it! Leaving a bunch of unused SP is pointless anyway!’


Having made up my mind, I tapped on the skill!


[Are you sure you wish to learn [Bone Creation] and [Death’s Binding]? (Attention: This is an irreversible action, once you select confirm, the SP will be automatically deducted.)]


‘Yup!’ Thus, I pressed the [CONFIRM] button!




Within the void of the Abyss, an abyssal overlord suddenly raised his head in the direction of the mainland and stood up. His aura subconsciously leaked out as he did so and reduced his throne to nothing but purple dust that swiftly scattered into the vastness of his icy palace.


“My liege! What’s the matter?!” The overlord’s officials clamored, clearly shaken by their overlord’s sudden movement.


Even now, there was a dark purple fog covering the overlord’s face, blocking out his expression from those below. However, it precisely this bit of mystery that made him even more terrifying.


“I can feel it, another brethren has been born!” He gazed at his subordinates below as he said that. “Go, go welcome him for me. Play for him the song of our jubilation for I have felt it, he will soon become a loyal subject of mine!”


“The time for our conquest of the Abyss has come!”


(Edited by: Tahaku)

(ED notes: Subject of your’s? *raises eyebrow* Dream on! Also, he can use [Bone Creation] to make a bone sword now)



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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